Friday, 29 March 2013

Easy, gentle Good Friday

Every year I spend Good Friday at our local Pioneer Park Museum.
It is a day where all the old machinery is started up by volunteers (lots of over 50's men),
entertainment is provided by young talented local singers, various carnival providers
(eg pony rides), and my craft group sets up a display and sales tables in the 'Dumossa Inn.
This is our craft room where we meet on the third Saturday of each month. It is hard to believe this group numbered over 100 in the 1980's - made up of spinners, weavers, tatters, lace makers, patch workers, embroiderer;s, felters.
Over the years members have passed on, moved, smaller groups have formed having get together at each others houses, - life in general has changed how people craft.
Currently we have 5 members, and we continue to meet monthly, and support the Pioneer Park. These photos show some of our wares on the trading tables, and all of the quilts belong to one member (she is a prolific crafter and gives most of it away as gifts)

Wandering and unwinding late this afternoon I came across what is regarded as weed but one of my favourite weeds (for the flower only - my Scots ancestry coming through here) - the Scotch Thistle.
 I just feel whole when I see one of these even if it is amongst all the Bathurst Burrs and weed grasses that are going to meet their demise this weekend!!!

And the ratbags when they are at their best - sound asleep, together so I know where they are.
Time for this little black duck to get some sleep - I have had a lovely day, with heaps of lovely people, a lovely fish and vegie tea, finished with my favourite but rarely imbibed Scotch and Dry, and finally watched a light hearted movie.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Weekend!

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  1. Looks like a lovely day with a lovely history! And your 'ratbags' are so cute!! Wendy xx


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