Sunday, 10 March 2013


We have had a scrappy weekend.......not the fabric kind though!!
Saturday morning and in comes the heavy artillery to start the 'scarppin'

I am not a vicious person but damn I wish I was operating that loader!!

another body gone...

and there was plenty of crunching to do!!

isn't this a beautiful scene?????
Don't you agree???

 and all of this too
just from one small area!!!

And doesn't this look good!!!
3 of the MOTHs even started putting the 'Good' stuff on plastic pallets off the ground.
Time to ring the 'SCRAPPY' tomorrow to come get the bin and be sure to bring another.
There is probably enough 'it will come in handy one day' stuff to fill 3 more of these bins!!

But I am happy to have this lot gone as a starting point!

How did you spend your weekend??

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  1. Oh that would be good to drive one of those! It must've been fun doing some scraping.


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