Sunday, 29 July 2012


After a busy week gathering rubbish from within the houses and around the yard I was looking forward to a short break away on the weekend. We headed off to Moama at some ungodly hour yesterday morning for the AGM of Aust Tractor Pull Assoc. Not my favourite pastime, but my husband is the manager/coordinator for a Modified Tractor Pull here in Griffith, which is part of the National Circuit. After sitting in the meeting for most of yesterday I was starting to go stir crazy both mentally and physically, so we went across the river to Echuca to have a walk around. There happened to be a Blues festival on so our walk was most enjoyable. Of course I didn't have my camera with me!!
I also knew there was a market on this morning in the gardens on the river in Moama. So guess where we went straight up this morning. A big market compared to what we have around here.

This is the beginning walkway which leads down to another walkway.

looking across the centre from one direction. horse rides for the littlies, and a vocalist for the oldies!

Another view across the centre entertainment area. If you look to the top you can see heaps of stalls way over behind the entertainment area. We found everything from plants, tools, home preserves, hand crafts of all kinds, commercial stands - just about everything you can think off.

After an hour wandering , looking and chatting with stallhoders we headed home, stopping in Deniliquin on the way. Deni has a beautiful lagoon and gardens in their main street. It was one of my favourite places when we lived their many years ago and I always do a drive by whenever I am passing through. Today I took a couple of photos.

This is taken at the southern end.

This is taken from the main street looking west. It is a peaceful garden to wander around or sit in.
from here we headed off to Conargo, stopping to take this photo. The Deni Ute Muster site - this takes place on the october long weekend every year and has broken many records for the number of utes at one event. This year there will be a Modified Tractor Pull along with the usual events.

It is a very impressive gateway and cannot be missed being on the edge of the main road. Onto Jerilderie we went. I wanted to stop in at the lagoon here as I hadn't stopped here for quiet a few years. How lucky were we to stop when a swan family were having a wander on the grass.

a verty proud and protective dad - he chased a duck into the water and across to another bank!.

Not very good on their feet on dry land they proved they were very good on the water a few minutes later! After a light lunch we continued home.
we went into where our miniature horse and ponies are living at the moment to have a look at a foal born early this morning. Such a beautiful little thing (only 14" at the top of shoulder!!). Very friendly little thing and was happy to be picked up and cuddles. Mum is very affectionate and quiet also.

A pretty little filly who is yet to be name.

And this is... what I am enjoyinh whilst I am writing this post!! A nice cup of tea (have had way too much coffee over the weekend), a lamington (an order from a school lamington drive which was waiting for me when I arrived home this afternoon) and one of the strawberries I bought this evening when I did the groceries (it was on the bench telling me I needed it).
A nice finish to a relaxed weekend!!

Monday, 23 July 2012


Several weeks ago I had to go on a freezer pricing trip - always a bad mistake to do a pricing trip. I came home with a new chest freezer ( we were packing a whole beef which is not my favourite meat - un fact I can survive quite well without ever eating it - very much a lamb person), a new toater 9which is so slow) a new and bigger food saver (cryo vac) and a whizz bang Juicer. I didn't feel so down about packing a freezer full of beef after that!!
Anyhow, the juicer has sat in its box since then, so today whilst having a sort out of kitchen cupboards and fridge clean out, the juicer made its debut!!

from the fridge cleanout a bag of oranges, 2 bananas and 2 pears.

Instructions read, juicer assembled and ready to flick the switch!

Pulp to the right and...

Juice to the left!!

'Voila' - 2 litre of fresh juice - good enough that the grandchildren gave it the thumbs up this afternoon!!
So onwards we go and the trial and error of mixing the fruit and vegies!! At least now we can eliminate another lot of preservatives from our diet. And surprising the juice still has a certain amount of fibre in it which is really good.!

Any suggestions of fruit and vegie combinations any one!!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

posting, Posting, Posting!!

#PHOTOADAYJULY: 14 - Building

15: Finger


The whole photos are on our PhotoADay page!!

Saturday, 14 July 2012


This morning was one of those mornings when you wake and feel worse than when you went to bed. So after a couple of hours of moping around the house trying to avoid doing the housework it was time to really avoid the house and head out into the garden. Instantly refreshing and the road to clearing the head ache, neck ache and genarally aching all over began.

It was to be a day of tidying up and geting ready for planting some new herbs.

Picking a mini cauliflower, just what I need for tomorrow nights dinner

picking the last of the capsicums on this plant that is now 3 yrs old. I will leave it until spring to cut it back - iy will then produce new shoots and capsicums (hopefully). I have had capsicum plants produce for 4 years before!

Frost bitten spinach - need to clean the old leaves off and wait for the new young leaves to grow for a few days.

The first of the broad Beans are flowering indicating some broad beans in a few weeks.

And finally I have managed to get one of the males here to get the drill and put some drain holes in the pots for the new herbs!!

After carting some dirt for the herb pots and planting some of the herbs it was time to have another look at a storage room that is full of my craft and sewing stuff. This was once all in order and tidy and easy to find what I wanted until my sone decided to move it all into the storage room and take my sewing/craft room for his bedroom!!. SOOOO I am having a big sort out and destash (facebook page - SEW Your Destashing - there are lots of pages like this one). So far I have moved out laces, fabric and folk art supplies. But there is a lot more to go - but bit by bit I will get it done.

Then into my mum's to have dinner with her and my visiting auntie and cousin, home again and I have no headache, no aches or pains, and I have sorted another box of fabrics and this blog post. Quite content now as a not so good looking day turned into quite a productive day.

Friday, 13 July 2012


JULY 13TH: Open

It is getting a little easier to take a photo and post it! This one came to me while watching television tonight! Check out our Photo A Day page for the whole phot!

Thursday, 12 July 2012


I am still behind with the posting BUT I am keeping up with taking the photos!!!

BIG, COLOUR, LETTER & TEXTURE all done. Full size photos can be viewed over on the #PHOTADAYJULY page.

Now to start thinking about Day 13......

Monday, 9 July 2012



Actually had a proper lunch just for this photo!! I am a browser usually munching on and of throughout the day so there isn't a set lunch time. Probably not a good way to eat but I do sit down for a full evening meal and a full breakfast!!

Now onto Day 9 - Big - hmmmm - this could take some thinking about!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012


I am managing to take the photos but not always getting them uploaded!!! Here are the teasers for 3 more days photos. Full size photos are over on the PHOTO A Day Page!!


6TH JULY:#PHOTOADAYJULY - Chair - rejuvenation!!


Wednesday, 4 July 2012



DAY 3. BEST PART OF YOUR DAY: ould have been so many things!!

DAY 4: FUN - good times always when this comes out - not very often tho!!


Over on our facebook page we have July Clearance Sale happening. have a look through the clearance album, you might grab a bargain.

And later this evening I will be back with some more photo a day photos!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


BUSY!! this one is easier - a part of my life that is busy everyday!! teaser below whole photo over on our Photo a Day page!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Thought at the time that it would be easy!! Why wouldn't it be?? Take one photo each day.
Yesterday was July1 so time to take the first photoon the good if the camera didn't have flat batteries!!!
Today is July 2. Camera has new batteries so time to take the first photo. A Self portrait ....sheesh that is no easy feat. A mirror is a must have. And I managed to get a reasonable photo after I don't know how many tries. Here is a preview. The whole pjot is posted over on my new page for Photo A day.

Now onto the photo for today: BUSY!!! Will have to have a little think about this one!