Friday, 13 June 2014


Back in Sydney again - more tests for Naomi - she has had a tough couple of weeks so this trip is a little ray of hope for her - hoping her Drs can use a treatment to reduce the size of the tumour and extend her life a little but most importantly improve her quality of life. She has not been able to eat much at all and has dropped down to 47kgs and is spending a lot of time in her bed sleeping. She does get up each morning to get Karah off to school and each afternoon tries to be sitting in the lounge room when Karah gets home.
I have been fortunate to have accommodation in the hospital accommodation for country patients families. A lovely unit (bigger than a motel unit) and how nice is it that each room has a handmade patchwork quilt in it!!! The rooms have been sponsored by various service clubs and are in great demand - I will be here until Monday morning and will then be staying at a motel until a room becomes available again in this accommodation. It is a wonderful service made available to patients families.
Not the best photo but this is the new me - a result of telling my hairdresser I needed a change - so she decided I needed to go wild - I am supposed to put sculpting wax in it and spike it a bit!!! Short one side and longer the other - I am quite happy with it for the time being. I am still undecided about letting the colour grow out - the photo isn't showing up the white that is showing in it - I have decided it is a big step to let it go to it's natural colour - it is a nice white grey not a shabby grey - maybe a lighter blonde for a while!!! AND new glasses also - prescription instead of the cheapies!! I lost my last new prescription glasses 5 days after I got them - I am being very careful with these ones!!
That had better be all from me for now - I have a 6am rise to get across to the hospital in the morning - the medical team do their rounds at 7am each morning - you would think they would need a sleep in on the weekend wouldn't you!! Hopefully a good report on the tests she had today.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Surprises and Family!

The past week brought with it a couple of surprises and lots of family!!
I looked after this little man for 3 days this week - here he is having brekky - pancakes are the everyday brekky here with Sustagen added as Naomi is on a high protein diet!! Oliver is now 9 months old and loves his food, any food that is, as long as you feed it to him!!! Not too keen on holding onto it himself!!
On Friday night our eldest son, Adam, arrived with the truck to be loaded with hay and straw to take back to Canberra to delivered to customers. His sons, Brodie and Lachlan came down with him to help load. Brodie turned 17 on Saturday so we had a birthday cake and presents for him. Here he is in the Onesie we gave him as a joke - he actually wore it home on Saturday night in the truck as the cabin is quite cold even with the heater on. This boy is a big 17yrold (6'3" and the same across the chest!!! Lol - not really quiet that wide!!!) He gives me the best bear hugs and usually cracks a few vertebrae back into place when he does!!!
At Tuesday night sewing my friend of 38years brought this beautiful bowl arrangement - from her garden these roses have the most beautiful fragrance - it is 'Best Friend' (RSPCA Rose). They are absolutely beautiful!!
On checking my plant house for the first time in 3 weeks I found these. All of the plants are completely covered with blooms. I remember last year when they were blooming I was going away with Naomi to Melbourne for tests on her heart - it was in good going order and we were all elated.

The photo below is of my favourite one of all of them - such beautiful delicate colours!! 
To top off my week I had Nathan, Rheis and Isaac here on Sunday as well as my mother (plus the 2 youngest grandsons) - a great family weekend with Adam and boys being here on Saturday!! It was a great 'pick-me-up' for Naomi with the 3 boys and 2 sister in laws all sitting on her bed and bedroom floor at one time!!lol The bedroom was overfull!!!
Naomi's results for the tests on the stomach fluid have all come back negative - which means the cancer hasn't spread. She is being discussed again in Sydney today - hopeful that they will decide to try a couple of things that may give her a few months longer or at the very least make her more comfortable by controlling the amount of fluid that builds up in the stomach! Today she has been sleeping mostly but she does get up each morning to get Karah off to school.
SPECIAL REQUEST!!!! Please pop over to Chookyblue - she has a special request and a link to follow to support that request.
Time for the school bus to come here so time for me to sign off. Until next time take care and have a wonderful week!!