Thursday, 27 June 2013


Our 11th grandchild is due to be born in September, so I got right into making things...... but in the wrong colour!!!!lol. So now I have a beautiful little jacket in the baby present box!!
I am now half way through crocheting a little 'blue' cardigan - and his dad will be much
 happier with that colour choice!!!
Plastic grocery bags have been stored anywhere they fit in our house - I finally got tired of them being anywhere and everywhere on Tuesday so I sat down and made 2 holders!!

Ther are now hanging on my kitchen wall filled with plastic shopping bags.
Of course I wouldn't have this problem if I remembered to take the pile of
of fabric tote bags I have made and bought to do my shopping!!!
until next time!!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I have finished 2 Xmas decorations that have been hanging around for a few.....!!!
Why they have been hanging around I don't know because they are very simple and naïve at that.
Have had a busy day sewing today which was nice. Will keep those photos for another post.



Saturday, 22 June 2013

Where has the year gone???

New Year, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, 7 of 20 Birthdays.........
 and 8 days until the end of June!!!!
Just where has this year gone?? Much too fast for me - I haven't finished with January's plans yet!!
cold miserable wintry week here so I know we are definitely in June!!
Not a lot done inside or out - plenty of wood burnt tho!
Have been knitting for my market stall - needed some men's beanies so that is what I have been making this week.
Have also been getting some Christmas sewing sorted - some for swaps and some for presents!

Up at 6 this morning to heat up crock pot of soup and make Curried Salmon & Rice for a CWA luncheon. Now to 'pretty up' and load up the car and spend the day with a diverse range of lovely country women!!
What are your plans for the weekend. Whatever they are - ENJOY!!!!

Monday, 17 June 2013


At minus 0.8deg here this morning everyone was feeling the cold - but 3 of us (Ted, Daisy & Meggsie)  were sensible and found the warmth and slept until the temperature rose!!!

And with tomorrow's prediction being the same as today I think I will be staying in bed also!!!!

Thursday, 13 June 2013


My trip to Melbourne with my daughter is over and there were good results from her cardiac tests. All of the readings in the heart and lungs, and the camera views were all exactly the same as they were 20 years ago after her life saving, guinea pig surgery! Just shows how good her cardio thoracic team were back then and how the risks they took paid off. All is good here now!!

And I am extra pleased to be back in the open spaces - city lover I am not - no tall buildings here, minimal people around me, I can watch the clouds coming from afar and so on and so on!!!
I may be just lucky enough to be greeted with lots of blooms tomorrow morning when I make my way over to the pot house!! I hope so....

The plans for tomorrow and this weekend include more gardening and burning of rubbish (I am sure people from elsewhere bring their rubbish out here!!)
Along with the branches removed from the vegie garden a few weeks back these 2 monsters are going to be burnt. They are actually taller than I am!! They are roly polies that have rolled out of the ground a week ago and are resting next to my yard fence!!
In amongst more gardening I am hoping to set up several xmas items for 2 swaps I am participating in. Really looking forward to doing those.
Right now I am going to wash my 'away' clothes, make a cuppa and sneak a couple of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates that are sitting on my bench (I am hoping the MOTH bought them for me!!!lol). Then off to a lovely nights sleep in my OWN bed (no aches and pains in the morning!!
Cheers for now!!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Day in The Garden.

I was up and ready by 8am to start my day in the garden - still the remnants of the fog hanging around but beautiful sunshine peaking through.

Beautiful finds in the pot house clean up!!

All in bud, ready to explode into full blown colour

And I am going to Melbourne for 4 days tomorrow - and they will all explode into beautiful blooms while I am away - and no one here to take any photos....

A walk around the garden before I started revealed mandarins not far from being ready to eat
and a couple of rose bushes in bloom - I don't know why but I always seem to have at least one rose bush blooming which is nice.....

uncovered a heap of succulents and cacti in the pot house clean up also - my grand daughter will be happy to know that all of her potting for her market stall has paid off!!

planted and potted, weeded some m ore in the vegie garden, and picked the pumpkins.
Soooo many pumpkins from the few vines that survived. We didn't think there were many pumpkins at all. That was until we started following the vines, and finding pumpkins under the weeds on the dam bank. Roast pumpkin with dinner last night, pumpkin soup tonight and plenty of pumpkins to last us through until next year!! Very happy with that.
And what better way to finish off an outside clean up day than to have a bonfire to get rid of some rubbish - not my gardening rubbish but one of the piles from the shed clean up done a few weeks ago.

A great weekend all round for me!!
What have you been up to this weekend??

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Last night I joined Cheryll and other talented ladies in the relaxing Friday Night With Friends!!!
I have been drafting up patterns and making up Mug bags. Yesterday afternoon I finished the first one from a new pattern I had designed as a result of a challenge between my 3 sewing friends and I.
The one on the right is the original. I had the piece of cup fabric which I had no idea what I was going to use it for hence the challenge to make a mug bag and mug rug challenge. Because I used the mugs for the bag I didn't want to cover up the fabric with pockets so this one has an internal pocket.

The blue one I placed the pockets on the outside. Very happy with my FNWF effort - although I did start mid afternoon. And below is the Mug Rug I made for the challenge. Very simple but it does the job - as I have 4 more of the mug pieces I will experiment with them to make rugs as gifts!
Well the fog has lifted, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and flitting about in the trees which means I can get outside today and do some gardening.
What are your plans for this glorious winter day?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Helping Hand

Yvette from Grandma's Knitting Place has donated this beautiful crocheted double bed blanket as first prize in a raffle to raise funds for Huntington's Disease.

isn't this just beautiful.
'So here's the deal - tickets are $1.00 - the blanket is a generous double bed size (seen here on a Queen size bed) . The raffle will be drawn on July 1st - so you have a little over 3 weeks to get your money in!

You can pay by money order, cheque or cash (if you live in Toowoomba, that is) or email me for bank details for direct deposit transfer, or send money via Pay Pal -
It is open to both Australian and overseas residents - I will personally pay for postage if you live outside Australia and you win!! Email me at if you want more information too!'

You can read all about Huntington's disease and how to purchase a ticket for just $1 over at Yvette's blog
Please pop over and help Yvette out.
Tomorrow night I am joining in with for Friday Night With Friends. see you all back here on Saturday with a report on my achievements!!

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Not a very productive month on the finishing side. Along with the One Xmas Item a Month from my last post I have finished this Ruler Bag...

The quilter panels I had in my stash for too many years so I cut them up and shared them with the 3 other ladies in my sewing group and challenged them to make a bag for quilting using them.
this is part 1 of my quilt ruler bags.

it also has a little pocket made from one of the panels on the back to store my rotary cutter!
The other finish is the Mug Bag below. My sister wanted a cup bag pattern that was easy to make. So I drafted up and made up this one.

I have since added a pocket either side to put teabags etc in (because I forgot to do it in step 3 or 4 of my pattern!! I am really very happy with it and it is just what my sister wanted.

I am happy with my 3 finishes for may and have also designed a new present (cup bag) so a couple more will be made.
I am currently at my son's near Wee Jasper for the weekend - it has poured rain at home and rained all day here. We have a 7am rise in the morning (should be banned on Sunday mornings) to go into Queanbeyan to watch  my 10yr old grandson play footy. Then I head on home late tomorrow afternoon and back to the grindstone on Monday.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!