Monday, 7 July 2014

Travel Safe and Rest Easy My Baby

Yesterday morning at 8.45am my hero, my very best friend and our beautiful cherished daughter and sister ended her struggle. Although we are hurting we are so very grateful for the 30 years we shared with her - so many wonderful years and fabulous memories remain with us all.

Naomi Ellen Brill 1983 - 2014
The last few months have been horrific for us all, but last Friday morning our little warrior decided it was just all too much and went into a steady decline. Up until late Saturday night she still had lucid moments which we cherish (and she provided us with some great belly laughs in those moments due to the effects of the morhphine!!! lol). Although we were going to keep her at home until the end we had decided that it was better for us all to take her to hospital for the medical care and we could stay with her as a family and concentrate on that side. (Her GP and palliative care team went above and beyond with their help and support throughout Saturday and early sunday morning).
We are sure she was listening as we discussed the merits of taking her to hospital as she passed away 15 minutes before the ambulance arrived to take her into to town - she had always said she didn't want to be in hospital at the end  so she made sure she wasn't!!
Rest in peace my baby, you will always be with us.
As Karah, her beautiful little girl said to me today 'Mummy is in a happy place now".
I am taking time out for a couple of weeks from writing post here but I will be reading all of your posts - afterall you have all been so wonderfully supportive my beautiful bloggy friends - and I do so enjoy reading about what you have all been up to.
So please take care of yourselves and give each of your precious babies an extra hug each and every time you see them, and I will be back soon!!