Sunday, 16 August 2015


 The flu has finally took hold of me yesterday after several weeks of off and on. Aching in every joint in my body, shivers and sweats. So nothing much has been going on here for a while, so I took myself outside for a walk in the beautiful, warm 16deg sun this afternoon and found a little bit of colour!!

Marguerite Daisy and African daisy - always a bit of cheery colour in the garden!
Cherry tree in flower - and bees busy at work - yes we do have some bees here!!

Emu bush that I was sure was dying earlier this year has had a lease of life!! And good old succulents - they can always be counted on for a bit of colour!!

One lonely rose flowering - I did save the bud when I was pruning all the roses a week ago!! And faithful geraniums - always flowering somewhere in the yard!

Spring fever hit this girl this afternoon - got herself up there and then couldn't get down!! A lesson in the world of hard knock café - 'you got yourself up there, now get yourself down!!' I believe pa-pa came to the rescue - although there were fear tears when she had to make the final leap!!

Mandarins and lemons and


fluffy wattle - only another week of these beautiful blooms and they will start to shrivel up - glorious while it is full glow though!
Bagging up buttons for a new little venture a couple of friends and I are starting at the end of the year - no concentration needed for this job and can sit down!!!
That's about it for me and my exciting life at the moment - time to go and take another lot of drugs - the aches and coughing are returning!!
Hope you all have a great week!!!

Sunday, 2 August 2015


July is gone and August on it's way... this year is just slipping away!
The Nature's Journey SAL that I participating in is finally starting to come together. There was some umming and arhhhing over the colour I was going to use for the borders. In the end I followed my heart and used the orange (purple was a close contender).
Here is the centre block before I sewed all the extras on.
Here it is with the borders sewn on. The diamonds are just sat there to see what it looked like, and as I am happy with how it looks I now have to fold them under and sew on.
Yes indeed I am very happy with it now. I think I am going to like this quilt when it is finished!! And speaking of finished I have finished the cream crocheted blanket I showed the beginning of in the last post. I now have 3 items for OPAM JULY!!!
Very happy with how this came up - now to post it off to my newest great nephew who is just 1 month old and will get plenty of use with it as he lives in Canberra!!
And my other 2 OPAM JULY finishes are the Ripple blanket and the Rainbow Granny Squares blanket (yes I know I have shown you these in the last post also.... I am very happy with my crochet efforts this year so am doing a little bragging!!).

We had more rain during the night - that makes a total of 525mm in 6 weeks - plenty for now - a couple of weeks without rain would be nice - I think I have said that before also. This is the coldest and wettest winter we have had for many years - thus nothing is happening outside and why I have completed 3 blankets during July!!