Monday, 25 March 2013


Well, a rough 10 days we have had, but this week sees me getting back on track and plans in place. All injured parties are well on the mend, we are back to just the 2 of us, even managed to get 2 days away!! We headed off to west Wyalong on thursday night, then onto Cowra on Friday - had a look around the town, slept half the day away and didn't get to see the gardens! That will be another trip back which is no hardship - beautiful countryside and town.

The view from the lookout at Cowra - we had our late afternoon tea here.

The Rose garden at the Tourist Information Centre. Would love to see it in spring when all 200 varieties are in flower. This is just one half of it.

Also at the tourist Information centre is this majestic fellow. He took my fancy because he is made from metal and stands so tall!!
There is so much to see in Cowra relating to the POW camp that a day and a half is just wasting your time. We will go back for 3 or 4 days and spend more time checking everything out.
And I have finished this - it was started a few years ago so I am very happy to see it done and dusted.
our sewing group meet again tomorrow night so that will see another item completed and gone from the UFO list!


  1. So nice you could have some time away, lovely scenery. Your stitchery is very cute, what will you make it into?

    1. Oh dear!!! maybe I need some more time away Wendy!! I forgot to put in my post that it is a wall hanging!!

  2. beautiful pics and such a lovely wall hanging,well done.xx

  3. Must visit Cowra again. I am only one hour away. Love your pics


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