Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Oops!! Forgot these!!

I forgot to share with you these photos of my CWA Group Handcraft Judging
I am a little bit proud - my purple & Green cushion i posted about earlier this year was selected to go to State judging at the State Conference in Moree
as is the beautiful smocked cushion and lovely knitting!!

I don't expect it win any prizes but it is nice to know it was good enough to be selected.
And remember the coaster i posted about earlier this year - our branch set won this section at group and they are off to State also.

And here are 4 other entries from our branch that are of to State judging as well.
There are certainly many talented ladies in the craft field in CWA!!

and this innocent bit of mischief and her mate have ben driving me crazy
these past few days

They have been possessed by the devil - we are likely to find them at any level of any room, playing chasies at full speed ahead and they are not the least bit concerned about being smacked or roused on. Their latest trick is to cosy up for a cuddle and smooch and when you are content that they are being 'nice' little kittens they bite you, claw you, etc.

But they are interested in chasing mice/rats so I guess they can stay!!
Have a great remainder of the week!!


  1. Congrats on your craft being selected. Love the smocking.

    Happy days.

  2. Some lovely work there,and the kitties are adorable .xx

  3. Congrats on your "state" selection. It's a beautiful cushion... so "good luck"! Yes perhaps a little mischief is worth it if they catch mice! :)

  4. well done Kerrie on being selected and i wish you luck in the state judging.xx

  5. Beautiful work, no wonder they were chosen, good luck in the finals - Jen.

  6. Congratulations on your selections to state level...a proud achievement.
    Cute devils :)


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