Sunday, 17 March 2013

Holiday Turned To Work

The MOTH and I decided to take a few days away this week. We headed down to Yass to attend the Yass farmers Market with Garden Mulch and grain. Then we were going to stay with our son at Wee Jasper and go to the Yass Show, and watch our son and grandchildren compete in the Team Penning.

 It was the 150th Yass Show, and this was the central display in their pavilion (which was full to the brim of cooking, craft, needlework, art, and home brews!! A fantastic display of the local talent!

I haven't seen so many coloured fleeces on display at any shows I have attended (the white Merino fleeces were in another pavilion altogether - eliminates contamination from the coloured fleeces). The spinner and felter within me was very green with envy over these fleeces.

Four trestles piled high with beautiful coloured fleece!!!! aahhhh heaven!!
below are some of the quilts entered in the pavilion competition (and other handcraft)

and some more of the quilts.

And the main reason we went to the show were these 3 below. out eldest son Adam,
his son Lachlan and daughter Abbey. Pa-pa couldn't resist joining Abbey for the photo.

This morning seen them all line up again for another day of competition but Adam only got one
run at the penning. he was riding Lachlan's horse trying to settle her down (a bit flighty) when she reared up, hit him on his head with her head, knocked him out, he came of and she flipped backwards onto him. Anyhow, he taken to hospital by ambulance, the kids stayed to continue riding,
 and I stayed with the kids.
I went to the showground after checking on Adam (big lump and bruise on his head; 2 gashes on his leg stitched, and xrays to check for fractures because he couldn't put any weight on his leg) and the comments from the kids were: Is dad alright - from Lachlan who seen it all and thought his horse had killed his father when he was unconscious) and......... wait for it.....
'Ma-ma, can we go and get our showbags now!!! (Abbey). Kids!!!!
Anyhow, everyone back home tonight, fed and in bed. Kids are of to school tomorrow, Adam has a week off - thinks he is ok to work though even though he is on crutches (I think they put superman syrum in the pethidine shots!!) - wait until he tries to get out of bed in the morning!! - bruises, stiff and aching!!
I am sitting here knitting for a while (because I needed to unwind) and then off to bed for a good nights sleep. Then we will head off for the next few days on our own and hopefully have a peaceful, calm few days!!!lol


  1. OH... soooo lucky by the sounds of it! Hugs to them all for enduring a day at the show! To YOU too by the sounds of it! Relax today and remember to just breathe! :)

  2. Oh Goodness! Hope he'll be OK, you'll need another holiday to get over this one :-)

  3. It looks like a wonderful day apart from the fall! I hope you get your peaceful calm days! Wendy


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