Sunday, 12 April 2015


The highlight of my Easter was our family reunion on my fathers side. It was the first time I had actually met some of my cousins. Unfortunately not all families were represented but there are plans for another one next year so hopefully more can get to that one.
All of us who attended (including partners)
Josie (mum, SIL) Uncle Neville (dad's brother), Aunty Pat (SIL), Aunty Val (Dad's sister), Uncle Harold (Dad's brother). One sister was in hospital and the other brother was unable to get up from Victoria. there were 13 in the family originally, 3 died when they were very young and the others have passed on in later years.
The second generation present (my lot) - quite a few are missing.

3rd generation - back row, second from left is Adam and back row far right is Isaac.

4th generation present - my 3 grandchildren Karah, Lachlan and Abbey; and Uncle Harold's great grandson Mica. The age span was from 2 years to 86 years. Hopefully the uncles and aunties will all be able to attend net year and with a few more of generations 2, 3, and 4 it will be bigger and better.

We held it in the little town of Weerhalle (an hour from Grifith and an hour from West Wyalong) - where our grandparents lived and farmed. Two uncles are still living there.
The picture above is the railway station that is now used as a craft shop (which wasn't open when we were there)
The mural painted on the platform on the other side of the railway. Weethalle is a dry area cropping and livestock town with a pub, country/bowling club, school, roadhouse and garage. Now it is time for me to get cracking with packing for our week away - so looking forward to 6 days of just travelling and taking in the sites!!

Have Great Week Everyone!!!



  1. That is one big tribe!!! lol Sounds like it was heaps of fun to get
    together and catch up. Love the charm of the craft house, pity
    it wasn't open when you were there.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Oh what a fabulous family get together...

  3. I think it's fantastic you have so many family members and were able to meet up.

  4. we have a family reunion every 3's great and always amazing to see what everyone is up to by much the kids have grown etc............


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