Friday, 16 October 2015


A few more photos from my walk around the yard a week ago!
One of the Frangipani cutting Naomi brought back to me from her move to Casino - thought I had lost them all but they are finally sprouting leaves

One of my favourite garden plants - Geraniums

the one on the right is a banksia rose which my husband doesn't want there and he keeps on rounding up but it just keeps on keeping on (much to my delight!!)

and some more - there is always green and a flower or two when you have Geraniums - and they are drought hardy - BONUS!!!

Lic bushes flowering for the second year - these have battled a bit but are finally taking off

some mulching - the story of my life lately - everywhere I look there are weeds so the mulch is going down really thick!!

Bottle brush and Gazanias - always hardy - gazanias being transplanted around the whole yard (along with pig faces going in - great ground covers)

more natives!! Lol - a wanted one and an unwanted one - although we can really grow the mustard weed on the bottom really well here - down the driveway it is nearly 6ft tall in places!!
I have also been secret sewing which I cannot show you, and having another tidy up and throw out in the house which is boring!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sliding through Spring!

Well here I am moving through October at an awfully fast speed. 2015 is getting away from me - I always seem to be in a whirl. Today was a little cooler and fresher with storms predicted for late afternoon. It was a lazy day today - so I took a little walk late this afternoon and some photos on my walk.
Yes the storm is brewing, thunder is rumbling in the distance - how I love thunder and without lightening it is even better!

Yes it brewed all afternoon and then passed us by - someone was lucky in the south tho!

Strawberries lush and green, flowers starting - fresh picked fruit soon - yummo!

Some time to be spent planting out my tomatoes - before they get too big to transplant.
Overcast with a cool breeze is just the thing for busy workers

Promise of some fresh fruit this season

My mouth was watering at the thought of the loaded Mulberry Tree being ready to be harvested in a few weeks!
Yesterday my girl Libby delivered these - not without some drama - a trip to the vet - lost 4 babies but we have 7 healthy little Labradors - seems that Dad has the recessive gene as he is a chocolate and they were all black or gold!

Oh how lovely to be enjoying a bath in the morning like this little man does - no such luck for me to be so indulgent - a quick shower and on with the day ahead for me!! Ollie had a sleep over last night.
Last weekend I had 3 little visitors - my great nephews. Bryson loves cats and spent many long moments with Karah's cat's babies!!

For a few short days each spring I have the luxury of the back of my house looking like this - the fragrance of the Wisteria is divine!
There really isn't a body under the steps - truly there isn't. Adam's boots landed this way when he kicked them off on his last visit over the long weekend - the sight of them set my imagination off when I went to go out the front door!!
Have a wonderful, happy week everyone!