Friday, 24 April 2015

Helping Out A Friend....

Julie from over  at has put the call out for donations of quilts for residents in Dungog who have lost everything in the recent floods. Julie was fortunate throughout the flood and bad weather and didn't lose anything - but many people she knows and several of her good friends did. 
Most of my readers will have seen the reports of this house floating away during the worst of the flood - this belonged to friends of Julie!!
The elderly peoples settlement also got flooded ad nothing inside their units was saved.
So please pop over to Julie's blog and read her latest post, even if you don't quilt you may be able to help out in some other way!!
If you can see your way clear to help out Julie in her quest please pop over to her blog and comment or send her an email. I am contacting a few quilty friends down here and am hoping to get a quilting bee organised to make some over the next couple of weeks. The sizes needed are single bed or larger, in designs suitable for adults.

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  1. Thank you for adding this to your blog... I was donating food today and saw another lady I knew who lost everything... she was being spoken to by a Chaplin and both were crying & hugging... heart wrenching... I handed the food over to a helper and left without saying a word as I was too choked up....


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