Wednesday, 20 March 2013

If It Doesn't Rain!!!!

.... it jolly well pours here!!
Three weeks ago my beautiful girl Libby Lou just disappeared. She never wandered, stayed around the house yard mostly. She couldn't jump into the back of a Ute, nor climb into a car - in fact in all of her 4 years she never tried to get into a car. I advertised, people were ringing and messaging me if they seen a dog remotely like her, but no sign of her anywhere. And we searched and searched, over and over the farm, the roads around us etc.
Sunday (while we were away) I had a call from a lady in town, and she is sure she has my dog. In town mind you - 9km away. We organised to meet today to have a look at the dog she had found. It couldn't possibly be Libs - could it.
Well..... YES YES YES it was. She plodded up to me, tail wagging, fat wobbling, sat and waited for the usual cuddle and pat!! Then moved across to MOTH for the usual scruffing up, pulling of the ears, slapping of the back and sides all the time sitting with her eyes closed!
We had found my girl and very happy we were. Greg as usual had to lift her into the back of the Ute and home she came!!
FINALLY!!! Something nice and good has happened this year. That happiness wasn't to last long though. 5 hours later our 2 grandchildren came up from the paddock in tears - Milly had run under the forklift and had died. They begged MOTH to take to the vet to make her 'alive' again (oh the innocence and faith of children).

RIP my little friend - we had just 6 months of your shenanigans and loyalty and love. You were a brave little lady taking on anything or anyone who might be a threat to me; my lounge chair will be a lot more roomy now as I have it all to myself; the cats will enjoy their meals in peace and actually get some of it.

Now, tonight I have decided that my life and my home are NO ENTRY zones for things that can go wrong - the rest of 2013 IS going to be on the up and up.

On a brighter note, my son spent the afternoon getting around outside without crutches, and I get to have a full nights sleep in my own bed - what more could a girl ask for!!




  1. oh my i was pleased then i was sad such a moving post,take care.xx

  2. It was such a happy post at first, but then - I am so sad for you. I will be wishing for you that the rest of 2013 will run much more smoothly for you.

  3. So sweet and then bitter...not fair that a happy day can be turned to sadness so soon.
    May the balance of 2013 bring good times only :)


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