Saturday, 30 May 2015


After a great start at the beginning of the year I have finally got some finished after a couple of months of nothing!
8 Plastic Bag Holders

4 Little Pincushions

4 Hand Towels
A total of 16 finishes for the month of May!! Amazing what you can get done when you have some time at home!!
And some progress on my Ripple blanket. I am aiming for an end of June finish with this - a colour added each night should see it happen.
Of to football now with Miss Karah - then back home and some gardening planned.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Monday, 18 May 2015


Greg ended up having his hip replacement last Monday morning - first off the rank. He had a bit of a rough afternoon and Tuesday morning - he won't ever be an opiate addict - not a good reaction to the morphine at all!! He was up moving around on Tuesday afternoon and eating and keeping food down on Wednesday and sent home on Thursday. Good for Greg, but not for me - I didn't get to spend a morning in Masters, nor have a look at the fabric/craft stores. Oh well, we do have to go back over twice in the next month for his check ups!! He is mobile now but not overdoing it - spends a bit of time outside with his crutches, does his exercises everyday - I do have to lift his legs into bed, and into the car. Also have to stretch (yank, pull, swear) those elastic stockings over his swollen legs - persevering as another trip back to hospital would send him around the bed!!
Although I couldn't dew in the hospital room (old hospital, dingy rooms - really bad light - I crocheted instead!) I did manage to get all of the applique done on the June blocks for the 2015 SAL - Nature's Journey that I am participating in. Very happy about being ahead with that.
I spent one day setting up the centre block for the SAL before we went to Wagga - so I have now started doing the applique on that. I have been flat out since we got home - Karah is back with us so the usual school, training and dance things are on in the sfternoons as well as chasing after Greg (how do patients who live on their own get on after hip surgery - so restricted in what they can do) - Greg is really good though and does whatever he can for himself and calls me to help when he really cannot do something. 
he has been getting outside on his crutches and doing bits and pieces - checking the animals, having long talks with the dogs and horse, planting vegie seedlings and weeding (all in raised beds) - which has been great for me because I have been getting outside more than usual which I am loving!! he even stands at the sink and does a bit of washing up !!
And my friends, that is the sum total of my life over the last 10 days!!! I am enjoying not being able to go anywhere (getting him in and out of the car is limited to town visits for him - doctor, ultrasound, physio etc) so I am also a lot more relaxed myself and the bonus is I am doing a bit more sorting around the house!!
Until next post this is Carer Kerrie signing off!!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Always Catching Up!!

to all mothers everywhere!!! Another first for Karah and I today - the first Mother's day since Naomi passed. I have missed the early morning phone call - she was always the first one to call me on special days.

My handmade gifts from Karah - bookmark (a big one so I cannot lose it!!), a mug coaster, certificate, card and wrapping paper!!

And a tray liner which I will laminate. A lovely start to Mother's day!!
We are off to see my mum shortly - she will be looking down the track waiting!!
Then it will be back home to pack - Karah to go and stay with Isaac and Nakita for the week while Greg and I go off to Wagga for Greg's hip surgery. Driving over tonight as he has to be at the hospital at 6.30 in the morning.

I was given a box of Quinces during the week - my favourite jam is Quince Jelly - mum's of course - so of I went into adventure land and made my very first batch.

not quite the same as mums (think she uses a lot more sugar than I do) but very happy with the finished result!! I still have some quinces left - looks like I will just stew and freeze them to make some more when we return from Wagga!!

Meet our newest garden gnome 'Max' - a 5 year old Chocolate Labrador. He hasn't had a lot of human touch (not abused at all) and is very timid - he had been kept in a large yard all his life, never been tied up or free to really run around. He has been well fed and cared for but big dogs need lots of fun and play. He has been here 3 weeks and we can now catch him without 3 of us cornering him. I have been able to  say his name and walk quietly up to him and he will drop to the ground and wait for me to pat him the last 2 days. he loves our other dogs and just bounces around playing with them all day.

Who couldn't love a garden gnome as cute as this!!

SAL 2015 progress - month 4 is finished of the Nature's Journey (Annie Downs) SAL. I am starting to really like it now that I am getting more done. I have set up June and July to do while I am sitting around the hospital and motel.

Winter has finally settled in here (no frosts yet - bet early for them). Fire has been going day and night, beds topped up with blankets, lots of casseroles and soups being made and hot chocolate. Today is miserable - raining (which I love) and windy (which I hate) and cold (which I don't mind)!!

Well, that is all from me today, had better get started on packing clothes and tidying the house and then tripping off to Wagga!!
Well here it is Monday evening - I tried and tried to publish this post last night but no success. So I will try again tonight with some additions. We are in wagga, arrived later than planned last night but we did get here. Up at 5.30 this morning and at the hospital at 6.30am. Greg was wheeled down to theatre at 8am. They ended up not giving him the usual anaesthetic but gave him an epidural instead (complications because of the severe Guillian Barre he had 4 years ago - too risky to do normal anaesthetic). So he was awake the whole time it was being done but says he couldn't feel anything (I don't know if I could have coped with that). He was in a lot of pain when I seen him at 3.30 this afternoon and just wanted to sleep. Tonight the pain was under control but he was sleeping the 20 minutes I was there so I left him asleep and come back to the motel. About to head off to bed myself - late nights (1.00am) on Friday and Saturday nights and 3 early rises in a row have taken their toll on me. At least Karah is happy with Isaac & Nakita - I have only been away from her for 2 nights in the last 12 months and she get separation anxiety when I am not nearby.
I did do a bit of shopping today. Off to check out op shops tomorrow - not after anything in particular but will probably end up with something!!lol