Thursday, 29 August 2013

All Is Good In Our World

Our precious little man arrived this morning at 9.11am. he weighed in at 3.69kg (8.135lbs).
Mum was exhausted and has spent the day in ICU under the watch of a specialist but is OK.

This is a rare photo as I don't do photos very often - with each grandchild has been the general exception. His daddy does me proud - very attentive to both mummy and baby!
Now that I know all is good in my world I am going to sit back relax and.....

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Drifting AlongTtoday!!!

I started off today with great plans but ended up drifting from one thing to another!
The reason being this little fellow below. This is my 4th child (3rd son) when he came into the world 28 years ago and again as a 4 year old!
He is also the father of our next grandchild who will be here sometime in the next 24 hours. he was due on the 13/09 but mum has developed pre-eclampsia and was hospitalised and an induction started this afternoon! And I cannot settle into doing anything for too long because I am waiting,
waiting, waiting!!
Meanwhile back to what I have been busy with up until this morning!!
Well, I have been very busy in the old house this week - still sorting through the boxes of stuff that have been left there as storage by all 7 of us in this family.
I have managed to (with the help of our daughter) to also wash walls and ceilings in 2 rooms
and painted one. Still a way to go but slow and steady wins in the end!!
I have also been in the garden planting, planting, planting!!
and mulching, mulching, mulching!!

And because the shrubs and plants have been mostly tube stock size you really cannot see them!!lol
BUT I can see where the mulching has been done. The little green specks in the mulch
are the plants!!! And the mulch is soy bean pods which I haven't tried before
so we will see how good they are as a mulch!
Su until my awaited phone call..... and I do believe I have a bottle of Johnny Walker I will have to open when the little one arrives - his daddy gave it to me for xmas 8 years ago for xmas but I am only allowed to open it when his first child is born!! Black Label Johnny Walker at that!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Finally, i have done something...

Finally I have something to show... I seem to be always
doing a bit of this and a bit of that - well that has continued (I do tend to get a bit bored with things and I do feel sorry for my family in years to come sorting out their late mothers things!!).
I decided on Wednesday ti try out the templates that we had bought at the Canberra Craft & Quilt fair (one lot anyway!). Si I started of with 2  6" squares.

These are the templates that I had to cut out from fabric that had viesoflix attached.
Which then gave me these. I then had to iron them onto the 6" square and the applique them. The applique I did with machine.

After this I joined the together and then the difficult part... choosing a colour to border them with.
I like both the pink and the coral but am still undecided - what do you think!!

This will be a one off for me as it didn't really appeal to me doing all the applique.
especially if you did enough blocks for a quilt.

It would be very nice as a quilt as you can see from the pictures there are a few different patterns that would evolve in a larger size. But it is not enough to convince me to do a quilt. maybe one of the other girls in the craft group will do a quilt.
This is the colour I have decided on as the feature wall in my sewing room (which is coming together very slowly). Against this wall will be my sewing table and an overhead cupboard in white. the other wall will be white as will all of the other cupboards.
As I am using all used cupboards and shelving it will take a while to finish the room but this is a good start as I have taken months to decide what colours I was going to paint it!!
And blogger spellcheck isn't working so please excuse any mistakes!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


After my Girls Weekend Away I haven't really done anything but the mundane, everyday things!
I did go across to Weethalle (very small town about 30 mins west of West Wyalong)
for their Annual Show. Greg was judging farm produce, Dairy produce & Garden Produce.
The Champion Exhibit in the Garden produce - both of these heads of broccoli were huge
- as cliché as it sounds they were literally as big as a dinner plate!!

Have yet to work out if the broom was left there accidentally or as an example!!

This was my favourite of the kid's vegetable models!
their creations never cease to amaze me!!
And this is how you sleep when you have had a very busy morning outside chasing your sister, the cats, trying to get the rabbits from their cages, and generally just terrorising everything within site!!
Exhausted is pretty much how I was after my weekend away and I have
only today felt like sitting down and sewing. The results of that I will
write about in my next post!!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


From Monday evening to Tuesday evening we had a 'Mystery Fabric Pack'!
Neither myself or mum could work out who bought these fabrics.
At sewing last night we asked Dorothy if they were hers. No.
But she knew whose they were.
Mums!!!! And the look on mums face was priceless!!!
It is a running joke with us about how forgetful we are and mum
being 81yrs it is happening quite a lot!
Her mouth dropped open, she looked at me and then at Dorothy
and then we all burst into uncontrollable laughter.
Mum still cannot remember actually purchasing the fabrics
just 4 days ago!!
At least she can laugh along with us when she gets caught in moments like this!!
I on the other hand am very clear on where I and when I purchased
these fabrics - Spotlight at Wagga on Monday!!
Stash builders and the last purchase from our girls weekend.

And these are the plants that we purchased while away also.
Some from Bunnings in Canberra and the others from the
'Crisp Gallery' just out of Yass. I am a Geranium/Pelargonium fanatic
and always call in and buy myself another geranium on my way home
whenever I am travelling the Hume.
Today I am out in the yard digging holes getting ready to plant heaps of bushes,
trees and filler plants next month. I am determined to get the garden beds
filled to capacity this year!!!! Well that the plan in my mind!!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Time to share some of the nice things from our girls weekend!
My purchase for myself from the Which Craft & Coffee Shop at Murrumburrah.
I love these brooches and have quite a collection started now, but I
would never make them for myself so the next best thing is to
support another artisan and buy them ready made!!
The first fabric purchase for the weekend. The lighter fabrics are for doing
embroidery on, the green & orange for the stash and just
because they took my fancy!!

From the craft fair - 2 different size Drunkards Path templates for Dorothy, &
1 Needle Companion Kit for me.

And this for my sister because she couldn't come down with us and she is right
into scrap booking.... but I discovered it cuts multiples of fabric shapes
like guess who is playing with it tomorrow (and possibly
each day this week because my sister lives an hour away and
won't be coming over until Friday!!!
More photos to come - because I have to upload them from my camera tomorrow.
Some serious sewing time coming up!!! or at least some serious playing and planning time!!

Sunday, 11 August 2013


The day dawned with a heavy fog and a frost but developed into a beautiful
warm day. We had out breakfast at beautiful coffee shop at the Watson shops
(if you are in Canberra check it out).
We spent 2 hours at the Craft & Quilt fair - we did a lot of looking but very little
buying. I did pick up a few business cars and we did make a couple of purchases -
for our craft group - which means we will get to use them also.
We stopped at The Dog On The Tuckerbox for a break on our way to
Wagga this afternoon. 

Tonight we are staying at the Beach Caravan Park, Wagga.
We have a lovely cabin overlooking the Murrumbidgee River.

The photo below is taken halfway down to the water edge, looking back up to the
cabin - the caravan park was flooded in March 2012.

And the following photo is looking down to the waters edge from the same position.
The amount of water that must have come down the Murrumbidgee to flood
the town must have been phenomenal.
Above are two brooches that I bought for myself at the Which Craft
and Coffee Shop in Murrumburrah on Friday.
I will start to share photos of our purchases through the week.
Time to get some shut eye in readiness for another shopping
day in Wagga tomorrow (but I am spending someone else's money which is always good!!!)

Saturday, 10 August 2013


Our first stop was at Murrumburrah to check out the patchwork shop and some lunch. We also checked out the Which Craft & Coffee Shop - found some lovely handmade crafts here by artisans who are members of the co-op that runs the Shop.
The side walk in part of the Murrumburrah main street - the sloping street has
has been levelled with decking and steps - so much easier
to walk along and window shop!!

My 2 passengers (friend Dorothy & my mum Josie) standing in front of the
Patchwork Shop - the grins are because they were a bit chuffed about
their purchases just minutes before!!

A beautiful sunny day in Canberra today. This is a huge ball suspended between
the buildings at the National Gallery.
Above and below are two sculptures on the lawns of the National Gallery.

And below is the entrance to the National Gallery. This was the last photo I took as we
were instructed not to take any photos of Turners works or any photos
within the exhibition area.
It was interesting to see what the exhibition was all about but personally Turners art
does absolutely nothing for me. My mother (the artist) enjoyed
the exhibition but much preferred Monet's style (whose exhibition she
seen in Melbourne a month ago)
Tomorrow we are off to the Craft & Quilt Exhibition before heading off to Wagga.
I am sure I will have lots of photos to show you tomorrow night!

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Busy packing my bag tonight - I am off on a girls weekend at 9am tomorrow morning!!!
Packing is taking some time..... it will be cold but how cold is the question.
Canberra is supposed to have -3 tomorrow morning so I am guessing it is
going to be a rather cold weekend - showers are also predicted - lucky we are going
to be inside looking and buying or in the car!!
Tomorrow we will be stopping in at Murrumburah and checking out
Which Craft  and the Patchwork shop. And also any Op Shops we spy
along the way!! Tomorrow night we are staying in Canberra.

Saturday we are off to see the Turner exhibition, any craft shops we can find,
Federation Square (handy that the coffee shop and patchwork shop are side by side!!)
Sunday will see us heading to the Craft & Quilt Fair. I have my workshop list
organised, note book and pen in my bag, tickets in my bag, and comfy shoes all packed!
late Sunday afternoon we are going to Wagga, staying overnight, some more
shopping, then on to Narrandera (a craft/coffee shop we have been told about)
and then home!!!
Is anyone else going to the Turner exhibition or the Craft & Quilt fair??

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Time Out Weekend.

This weekend has been one of 'family'.
our eldest son and grandchildren arrived Friday and spent the night and saturday with us which was lovely - I even got the lawns mowed for me by my grandson and i didn't ask either!!!!
I spent a couple of hours yesterday catching up with aunties, uncles and cousins and extras that would be 3rd, 4th or 5th cousins to me. That included a lovely lunch that I didn't have to prepare myself....bonus!
today I spent a couple of hours with my youngest sons partner here at home.
Then it was off to the baby shower for my soon to be 'grandson' (that is if the scan is correct!!!)
This turned out to be very creative afternoon!!! As there were 7 grandchildren there
the new mum to be bought a pile of onsies and paint. the two above were done ny my very crafty grand daughter who is quite fussy with her work!! her indigenous background shoed through today, and a bit of Pro hart style also!!

I am not sure about the one on the left but the one on the right was done by the only boy amongst the six girls!!! he would have rathered kicking cans around I think.

I cannot see the new baby being put in these at all but the kids had fun doing them, and the mothers were able to sit in peace and have afternoon tea!!

I do know the tidy ones have been done by the older girls (8,9 & 10),
while the messy ones were the younger kids.
The following photos are of the little bed my youngest son, Isaac (20yrs0 made for the new
baby. My husband made one similar for him when he was born and he wouldn't
part with it for the new bub. So he made a new one!
This was taken before the painting and lacquering was done.

And this is the finished bed! My mother (81) painted the bed head and Isaac did the rest. He made the head posts too long so I suggested a little shelf wouldn't go astray, so he put one on and it made a big difference. N0 4 son (father to be) is wrapped with his little brothers present.