Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another Step Closer!!!

I have spent today sorting through heaps of stuff in our back room. lucky the bush fire danger season is nearly over - big bonfire coming up!! But I have cleared around and started a primer coat on my soon to be sewing desk!!
Yep, this is it!!! MOTH doesn't know it yet (tomorrow is soon enough) but the desk he keeps saying is going to be his office desk (ha!! he has never sat in the office he has let alone use this desk) but I have news for him!! this was his parents and is over 2metres long. Look at it - just begging to be my sewing table - even has spaces for 2 sewing machines!!!! Anyhow I am thinking (that took a bit out of me) that the desk needs to be white with the orange on the walls of my sewing room being on the drawers!! yes I am thinking (once again draining) that I could be a very happy sewer in a few days time!! I have to do some planting in the morning and I need his help to dig some holes so maybe this will be an afternoon job!!!

Friday, 28 March 2014


I recently participated in a 'Skinny Pinny Swap' organised by Amy on her blog Amy Made That!
This is what I received last week from Teri
Such a lovely bundle of swap goodies!! 2 flannel hankies with beautiful crochet edges (these are now Teri's signature gifts!); 2 transfer packs; a lovely little note pad and of course the exquisite Skinny Pinny. I just love this Pinny - look at the tiny little patchwork squares!

And this is the sweet embroidery on the front

and on the back is my name - no one can claim it as theirs at sewing days !!!! lol
Thank you so much Teri - such a lovely surprise parcel to receive!!
And this is the Skinny Pinny I made for Rachel at

It is the first skinny pinny I made and I added a little mat to go under the sewing machine to keep it in place. Thank you Amy for your time and effort in organising this swap. If you are on Flickr (I have just joined up so I can see all the fabulous skinny pinnies!!!) here is the link to the group - pop over and check them all out!!!

Sunday, 23 March 2014


We arrived back this afternoon from attending Greg's nieces wedding - and guess what - I spent all afternoon outside in my own yard!!! Oh how good did that feel. I do miss not being able to wander around and do a bit of this and a bit of that each day.
And I have planted the first of my winter vegies!! Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage & Bok Choy. Here they have just been planted, after the composted manure has been sprinkled along the rows, watering as I go and then Greg is mulching with chaff from around the chaff cutter. Next planting is next weekend and then every weekend following. Still have celery, spinach, beans, peas and herbs to go in and the repeat sewing's also.

The wedding we attended yesterday was held in my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's garden. They live on a dry area property near Temora, NSW. The walkway above is where the bride and her dad entered from. The ceremony was conducted at the beginning of the lawn. A huge marquee was set up just outside the garden for the reception.

The garden is very large and park like. Lots of roses in stand alone beds as well as bordering all the shrub beds.

This would be my favourite spot in the whole garden - a fabulous little 'room' - one of many rooms throughout the garden.

3 more snaps of other parts of the garden. Such a relaxing and pleasurable place to be in. In spring time it is a breathtaking picture with all of the rose, bulbs and ground covers in bloom.
I of course have come home all enthused to get back into our garden and get it up to scratch (although it won't be as expansive as this one) - more shrubs to plant and create backdrops and lots more roses, geraniums, lavenders and ground covers to create colour and interest. There won't be as many 'rooms' either and know where near as much lawn.
Where are the wedding photo's you ask - well - muggins here had flat batteries in her camera, and left the mobile back at the motel room (well I went over to attend a wedding didn't I, not be answering the phone!!). These photos I took today on my mobile - we went back for the day after brunch!!
That is it from me this evening - I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and I hope we all have a fabulous week ahead!!

Friday, 21 March 2014


Phew!!! Isn't the year passing by so very quickly. Although I have been occupied with mum I have been reading everyone's blogs and keeping up with the GDITC & Lets Get Stitched weekends, all of the wonderful photos and posts of all the swaps, blog hops, and the planting and harvesting around the world (and the renovating). I just haven't been posting comments as I truly haven't had the time. And I must thank all of my lovely followers who have been commenting on my posts - I think I have answered each of you but if I haven't it isn't because I am rude - I really appreciate your support.
I spent last night at home - mum is now well enough to be on her own occasionally at night. And my comfy bed was so comfy!! On Wednesday mum turned 82 years old (along with the Sydney Harbour Bridge). At sewing on Tuesday night we had Choc Chip Muffins with very thick cream as a birthday treat!!
I was a bit greedy and had 2 of these - well, they were just so yummo!!!
I have been busy sewing while at mums - yes, actually sewing!!!.We are attending 2 markets in town over Easter and I needed some little gifts for a few friends so I have been busy making sun glass cases, hand towels and face washers!!

Hand towels and face washers. I usually put a hand made goats milk soap with the face washers when giving as a gift. And the hand towels made from tea towels great sellers on our stall and always a welcome gift - great as an extra add in!

The same can be said for the glasses cases - can never make enough of these - and apart from protecting your glasses they also make it easy to find them in your bag!
And these are what I have left to do.
I planned to call in at a number of shops and nurseries on my way back from Yass last Sunday but left later than I thought I would so I only managed to call in at the 'Which Craft Coffee Shoppe' at Murrumburrah. If you are travelling through you MUST stop in here - I stop in on every trip.
It is an old house that has been renovated and every room is full to the brim with handmade crafts items - and even the hallways have been stocked!!

Look at those felted bags - just beautiful. There are gifts for all ages and genders!

8 rooms of crafty goodness and 2 hallways!!

Plus they have a little dining room with one wall stocked with preserves etc. You can sit down and enjoy a lovely light lunch or a Devonshire tea!!
And I have forgotten to take a photo of what I bought so you will have to wait until next time to see that!! I am busy watering up my garden (because the males are just soooooooo busy or they may have forgotten how to turn the pump on or where the taps are!!) trying to save what is alive as there has been no watering here for a few weeks.
Tomorrow we are off to Temora to attend a family wedding which will be a nice break. There is also a new patchwork shop there that I hope is open on the weekend!!
Until next time

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Just popping in to say hello! I have spent the last week staying with mum as she has been ill again. My sister and I have been sharing the staying week about. In the last six months mum has been ill more often tan not and each time she is ill her comeback is not as good. Her P is now looking into her heart further as her stamina is not good and her memory is getting worse. It has been exhausting this time as I have been cleaning out her pantry and cupboards which she hasn't done for quite a while - the 5 big black garbage bags of rubbish tells me that!
This is Lucy - mums new best friend. Since her dog 'Belle'' had to be put down last year due to old age problems, mum has been lonely and frightened at night on her own. She thought she might like to get another dog for company and security. Isaac's dog had a litter of puppies and she decided she would like one - Lucy is a Labrador (small, fine framed golden mother) x Sharpei/Staffy (brindle, small frame father) - the black comes from the grandparents!!. All of the puppies are so very gentle, quiet and we are finding very intelligent. Lucy is very spoilt - an indoor dog she sleeps in her basket in mums room, and is always at her feet or beside her on the lounge. She is proving to be just what mum needed - a great companion pet!
Finally got a 4 Generation photo with my eldest son Adam and his children Lachlan & Abbey. So now I have the 4 generation photos with the 4 eldest who all have children. I am thinking I may have to do a 3 generation one with Isaac and photo shop in the children as they come along!!! lol!!! We will get a 3 generation photo - we just don't know how long we will have mum with us.
I had seven hours with this little man yesterday (my arms, shoulders, neck and knees tell me so). Oliver is nearly 7 months old - time is passing by so quickly.
And this little man came to visit yesterday also - Ruben turned 2 yesterday - time has disappeared with him also!!

This morning I drove to Yass - Abbey and Lachlan are riding in a Corporate Team Penning event and They asked me to come and watch them. The Yass Show is also on so I had a little wander around the pavilion this afternoon and positively drooled over the coloured fleece section. Just look at the gorgeous colours - my fingers were itching to run through them (I didn't of course). Visions of spinning and felting sprang to my mind immediately.
Not much else has happened in my life - no gardening or crafting or cooking - oh well, I am actually enjoying the 'down time'' with mum and there will be plenty of time for myself  in the future.
I did start to sort and organise mum's sewing/craft/painting - well I have been having second thoughts about that - it is a big job - don't think she realised how much she had. It will all be in one room, neatly stored in labelled containers and placed on shelves. She is sitting back letting me get into a mess and trying to work my way out of it!!
Heading home tomorrow after lunch - a couple of stops at nurseries, a craft sop and 2 fabric shops are in order on the way. Not to buy of course - just looking!!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Effort Got me A Win!!

A nice reward for cooking all Monday afternoon!!
And our branch Effort wall hanging also gained a first.

But this promising looking sky (about 10km out of Griffith on my way over to Tullibigeal on Tuesday afternoon) brought nothing.
Lot's of thunder and lightening but sadly no rain.

Oh well, maybe the next lot of storm clouds will bring the rain!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Clearing The Sinuses!!!!!!

Suffering from blocked Sinuses - well I have the answer!!!!!
Spent the day making relish - fumes from the vinegar as it heats and melts the sugar has worked a treat for me today!!

Beetroot Relish coming to the boil..........

Beetroot Relish finished and bottled!! I have never tasted Beetroot Relish - so why did I make it?  For Land Cookery judging on Wednesday at CWA. And, my guess is, I will be tasting Beetroot Relish..... sometime in the near future!!
Now this is for the really creative side of me. On the left is the water and skins after boiling the beetroot. On the right is the left photo after I have whizzed it!!! Sometime through the night I am going to bring it to the boil again, add some salt and dunk some fabric and some wool yarn in it!! We will see how it turns out.......
And this is my Carrot and Lemon Jam ready to start cooking - it is now in the chook bucket because I walked away for a moment (just a teensy moment) and it caught - so now what tasted really lovely doesn't!!
And this is what I received on Saturday to do some work on. The Branch effort in the Handcraft competition on Wednesday is a wall hanging with the theme 'Water'. My section is the grapes on the bottom - they have now been appliqued on and quite heavily beaded - a very lush bunch of grapes!! I will post a photo of the finished after I take a photo on Wednesday. four members must work on the branch effort so lucky me doesn't have to do the quilting or binding!! It is of course a Dethridge Wheel (commonly know as the Water Wheel) that used to move the water around our irrigation area (they now have some new thing called a Doppler - it has no character at all); and of course the produce of or area is depicted within the wheel.
So that has been my weekend and today. tomorrow  I will be busy getting everything together to take to the judging day as I am the Land Cookery officer for our Group - nothing like getting organised at the last minute!!!