Tuesday, 2 April 2013


All in all my busy weekend panned out very well!! Except for spending all day in bed on Saturday with the mother of all headaches and every bone and joint in my body aching I managed to achieve most of what I set out to do!!
Cleaning out the second house - 3 bedrooms cleared and ready to be painted, back veranda half emptied = 1 skip bin half full!!
Heat Packs - 40 plus finished!! (very happy about this as I have had orders waiting to be filled and several markets over the net moth!)
Vegie Garden - wellllll.......

remember the two fallen branches that the MOTH cut up a few weeks back

after several trips across to assess the size of the job to move it all on my own  - the vegie garden still looks like this below!!

I mentioned to the MOTH that I was going over to start on it hoping he would offer to help...... he says 'oh yeah I forgot about that!!! and then went of ploughing or sowing or some other manly farmer thing. And not functioning on all 8 cylinders at the time I decided it could stay that way until another day!! Didn't get any vegies planted either .... I think I can get to 1 bed and clean that up and get some winter vegies planted later in the week!!


  1. wow 40 thats a lot of heat bags,well done,and i hope you are feeling better.xx

  2. Gosh I'm all tired now!! lol. I know about those
    headaches they can just trash your whole day. Hope you're feeling better.
    Cheers, Anita.


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