Saturday, 2 April 2016

Filling my Days...

Another 2 weeks since my last post ..... same old thing....... the weather has changed for the better though........ except today is back up to 30degrees...... have even put the cooler on ..... was just a bit hot when I came in from the yard.
garden resurrection begins - those bloody weeds - my nemesis at the moment.
weeding, planting and mulching! The white pile around the plants is shredded paper - I shred whatever I can inside and use it outside.

hard to believe this garden bed was full of lovely green wanted plants 18 months ago.

getting there....

newspaper or cardboard - whatever I can get my hands on - followed by mulch - nice and thick to get the plants through winter. Then I will be mulching heavily again to get us through summer - hopefully by the end of next summer the plants will be well established - in amongst all that mulch I have 25 geranium cuttings (my favourite garden filler).
This disaster is what my eldest grandson calls the 'Desert Garden' - it is the next one I am going to tackle.......

Bit of a sad mess isn't it!! Well, it is going to be enlarged and filled up with all sorts of succulents and cacti.
Of course when I want to mulch there isn't any mulch to be seen - so action was called for. This machine belongs to my wandering wild child and was parked beside my house. So over I went and tried to start it (YAY for me) - it started. Now to drive it (YAY for me again) it drove, no spluttering, no stalling, no kangaroo hops!!! belonging to my wandering wild child you generally gamble with your life when you get in it - this time though there were working brakes, no dicky clutch and an engine running as smooth as gliding your hand over a baby's bum skin!! Near blew my undies off that did!! As you can see I found some mulch, probably not what I wanted and probably full of grass seed or some such thing....... but then there is 'round up' if one is desperate!!!!
I have been potting too...... (and probably gone potty as well!!)

I do need mother plants to get more baby plants for the Desert Garden don't I!!

A sample of the baby plants that are 'rooted'' (haha - literally have roots and a success!!) Some of these are for Karah's market stall also. I have hours and hours of potting up cuttings to do....... oh well an hour each day and it will soon be done!

resurrected an old wheelbarrow in the top photo..... another month and we won't recognise it. I just mix n match when potting and planting now - helps keep the bugs away and creates an interesting garden without too much brain power required!
This has become my best friend (whether I want one or not) ..... where he is you will usually find me...... if I am close by the house you will usually find the cats (looking for food of course!!)..... but often now I am like the Pied Piper ..... Dogs and cats following me around the yard in a line, or sitting and lying near me, or worst of all ...... there are 2 cats who lose me and commence to wail and meow until I call them and they come running full pelt!!
Well that is it for me today - I won't be able to walk tomorrow as I have been outside again today doing the heavy work .... maybe I will have an inside day and actually have some stitching on my agenda!!