Tuesday, 12 January 2016


10 days of doing as little as possible was lovely. Pity it has to end - back into the everyday things; preserving as much as possible (January is the busiest month of the year for that); some new projects to start the year off; and the heat has hit!!!
Planted up this bird cage a couple of weeks ago - cuttings look as though they are taking so I am looking forward to watching it progress.

To look around our yard there doesn't seem to be much in flower, but a little wander through and you find little bursts of colour! 

Last of the red tomatoes for this week - will probably make them into more relish. Starting on the green tomatoes tonight - pickles and a mixed vegetable pickle.

Simmering away - the aromas are lovely!!

Apricots for the freezer. Greg is the only one who eats them so it is easier to freeze for a small quantity.
Tomato Relish (with cheese on cracker biscuits - yummo) and Curry Ketchup (recipe from JULIE - it is very moreish - I could drink it!!
Preserved Tomatoes - just the beginning - I think I have enough to last halfway through the year - preserving of these will be ongoing through January.
Waiting for peaches to come in and our own pears to ripen and there will be another few busy days preserving them! Starting to chop up zucchini and freezing in containers - use these in stews etc during the winter.
I finished this baby blanket at the end of December - just another one for the gift box - trying to use up the stash!

Started this over the New Year weekend - using Lincraft Superwash that I bought at the end of winter sales last year. I have also added a couple of balls of Cleckheaton Country to get the colours I wanted - all pure wool and it is me who will be washing it so I know it will be washed correctly. The pattern is from Lucy at . I have been wanting to do this pattern for a while and finally started.

Another Ripple Blanket - acrylics this time - all from my stash - this will eventually be given to my DIL4 - I enjoy doing the Ripple pattern so I guess there will be a few more done in time to come!!
No sewing so far this year - but there are a few weeks of January left so there is hope!! Meanwhile it is on with the preserving and late night/early morning watering here. Tomorrow is predicted to be 44degrees (which in real terms is about 47) so another day staying inside. Supposed to be a drop in temp back to 31 on Thursday and rain - we will just believe that when it happens!!