Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Like most 'crafty people' each of us at Channelbank Creations have UFO's (unfinished objects). I have had one in my knitting pile for 3 years and this year I am determined to finish it!!

I found this yarn in our local Lincraft store. There were two things about it that caught my eye - the first being the colours I spotted first that drew my attention were my favourite 2 colours (purple and green); the second that it was a thick yarn!. Plus there was a mauve that fitted right in with the purple and green - bonus!!

So of course I had to get some of each colour (meaning way too much for what I needed.) Then I found a pattern for a simple vest with a big collar with the bonus of being knitted in one piece to the underarm. So out come the needles that nigt and away I went. Well. I have unpulled this piece of knitting twice but this year I am going to finish it no matter what.

Third time lucky maybe!. I am making the vest longer than the pattern says just because I like long jumpers/cardigans/vests. I have another mauve stripe to do after the green then I will be up to the underarm. This will be the first garment I have knitted in 8yrs and the last one was a 4ply cardigan for my 10 week premmy granddaughter. I have done heaps of knitting since but only scarves and caps for my market stall and despite the indoing I am enjoying making this vest.

So my next post on this vest will be the finished garment!!


For some time now I have followed various friends on facebook posting a 'Photo A Day' photos. It has been interesting seeing these photos but I always wondered where they found these to participate. Well I have found one to follow on another blog - - and I am going to join in. It is for the month of July and I have no idea of how I will go getting the required photo for each day!!

I thought I would add a photo here tonight just for practice. I have been trying to reduce  my fabric stash (easier said than done!!) and to adegree I have been successful. I have found that I can(with some effort) throw in the rubbish bin pieces of fabric that are smaller tham 4' x 4". And I can cut a fat quarter for myself from metres and sell the remainder as fat quarters at markets. So I have reduced the stash by quite a bit.

I have even managed to cut out a pile of various heat pads and trivetts and after 10 days have managed to start sewing them and filling them.

And it is so satisfying to actually have reduced that stash and actually do some sewing!!

So get ready to be bombarded with a post each day to accompany the daily photo right through July! Hmmm... this could be interesting!1

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Everywhere I look there is another job on the list that I haven’t started or is only half done!! I don’t believe I have been specially selected for this phenomenon!!! There has to be heaps of readers out there who are in the same slow lane that I am. Isn’t there??

For 3 years I have wanted to make a cactus succylent garden between the two houses. Well it has finally been started. The selected area has become a drop off point for any utes or trucks that visit and happen to pull up there – thus the first step towards the new garden was a clean up.

Then a couple of hours to cart the rocks to border the garden and hold the soil to be brought in. The plants for this garden have been happily growing in pots for the last 3 years. They have been transplanted into larger pots several times and currently lined up against a shed wall!! They will also be happy to see this new garden completed.

Taking pride of place in this garden will be 2 garden ornaments made by my son for me several years ago when he was at school and had time to fiddle in the shed. Using what I call ‘junk’ from one of the many piles scattered around here he made a Rain Gauge Tractor and a Tractor and Disc just for decoration!

 So one day soon this garden will be complete and I can cross this job off my Bucket List (so different from everyone else’s Bucket List!!!)

Monday, 4 June 2012


Markets!!! I have a love hate relationship with being a market stall holder. You see I AM NOT a morning person. There is no waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed. No Good Morning Sunshine in my mornings. I NEED to wake upoin my own time plan. Trouble is most markets have an 8am start time which in turn means I have to rise at 6am at the latest - earlier if I have an hour or so travel time to the market. I tell you this is no fun!! (especially as I am a night owlgoing to bed around 11pm and do not go into a really nice deep restful sleep until the clock gets to 2-3 am!!).
The love part only starts when I arrive at the market site and meet and greet all the stall holders I know and the new ones I meet! Mind you this is a very mild love because I still have to set up!! Once set up it becomes a full blown love. Why?? Because I thoroughly enjoy the social side of being a market stall holder. Catching up with all those I know, meeting new stallholders and buyers. Seeing all the different goodies that each stall has.

The variety of products and talents of the crafters, growers, bakers and producers is limitless. These two photos are compilations of various stalls at a few recent markets I have set up at. And of course there is always something I must buy!

Today I had the pleasure.... of rising early, travelling an hour and setting up at a relatively new market. It is a farmers market but takes in the make bake and grow concept. A usual I was not a happy chappy when I got up this morning. My mood slowly improved on the journey and improved greatly on arrival with everyone calling out their greetings from around the market site.

Seeing your products all set up is a satisfying feeling.

But even nicer are the comments from the market patrons. Even if they don't purchase from you compliments on your work are really nice and make your day successful.
Today the best comments were about my new product - Teapot Cosies!! From an elderly gentleman who said his teapot cosie was threadbare and about 40 years old and he was bringing his boss to the next market to get a new one' to the younger people who oohed and arhed over them and wanted one but they didn't drink tea!!

I have to say I was very happy with the finished cosies when I made them but after today I am really chuffed!! Even more so because I had a good day sales wise which taking in all aspects of the market made it an enjoyable and successful day out!!