Summer has hit with a vengeance here this week - the last 2 days have been 47 degrees under our carport - stepping out into the direct sun and I reckon it jumps up by 3degrees!!!
Soooo.... yesterday I got busy making a neck cooler. I have been asked for these many times at my market stall and i decided to that I could do with a few here as well.


Materials Required:
Piece of Cotton fabric 90cm x 13cm (washed)
1tsp of Water Saving Crystals (available from garden departents/shops)
Sewing machine, scissors, iron, thread.

1.    Find the half way point lengthwise of the piece of fabric. Mark it with a pin. Measure       20cm either side of the pin and mark it with another pin or a fabric pencil.

2.Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together.


3. Take to sewing machine and stitch from one end to the first pin. Shape the end as shown in the photograph’. Do the same with the other end. Your fabric should now look like this.

4. trim the ends back to a quarter inch (6mm) seam) as shown.
5.    Turn the ends right side out — your  piece of fabric should now look like a tie with out the centre sewn up!!

6. iron the sewn ends flat. Turn ove a quarter of an inch (6mm) on the unsewn edges and iron.

7.    You are now ready to add the water crystals and  finish off.
8. Measure 4” (10cm) from the centre pin and mark. Do the same to the other side.
9. Now sew straight across the fabric at each pin and at the end of the sewn turned ends. I generally sew across and back. You should now have 4 pockets. You can tie of the threads or poke them into the pockets before sewing the edge

10.    Into each of the 4 pockets place 1/4 tsp of  water crystals  - DO NOT PUT IN ANYMORE!!!! -          the crystals will increase in size dramatically once they are soaked!

11.    poke the threads into the pocket and pin the  opening together

12.    Sew around the whole tibie just in from the edge, closing the crystal pockets at the same time.

Place the tubie in a bowl of likewarm water (absorbed a lot quicker than cold water) for 15 mins. Take the tubie out and gently squeeze the crystals to distribute them evenly in the pockets. Place the tubie back in thr water for another 10 mins. Take it out of the water and tie around your neck. If you don’t want dripping water on yourself you can run your hand over the tubie to remove the excess water.

When not using keep in the fridge in a bowl of water so it is

nice and cool the next time you want to use it.

I have made these for adults  - adjusting the pockets

depending on the size of the neck.— bigger pockets for larger

For children I cut the fabric to  50cm or 75cm and make the

pockets 3.5”..


NB: Do Not leave the lid off the water crystals for too long as they will absorb moisture from the air.


                                            ABSORB WATER AND CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS IF SWALLOWED.
The crystals work by evaporative cooling, so water is slowly (very slowly) being released from the crystals and onto your skin. That means it will work better in drier climates than super humid climates. If it stops feeling cool, turn it over, dunk it in cold water, or put it in your cooler for a few minutes (but never freeze it!).

It cools the carotid artery carrying the oxygenated blood to your head
When you're done with it for a while, hang it somewhere to dry out. It could take a week or two! If you need to wash it, never put it in the washing machine. You can lather up a little dish washing soap in the sink and rinse it out.


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