Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rain Rain Please Stay For Another Day

FINALLY - after weeks (I should say months) of very little to no rain it started on Tuesday. So happy was I that I went outside and took photos of THE RAIN!!!
See that fog like appearance - that is the rain! looking North toward Griffith from our house.

and that fog like appearance is there when you look to the east of our house (over Leeton way).

It was also looking like that to the west (CarrathoolHhay direction) and to the south (Darlington Point direction).
And this below tells me that yes indeed it is rain

And this is just out our back door pouring of our roof because no one has fixed the GUTTERS!!!! 

So promising, yet it only lasted..... wait for it...... 15 MINUTES and was not very heavy at all.
it rained again yesterday not a lot but enough to ensure the wet soil stuck to your shoes and the dogs feet (obviously by the state of our back patio!)
Then today it finally did the job properly !!! We have had over an inch (25mm) of rain here (areas around us have had  a couple of inches).
And since 1am this morning we have had thunder and very heavy rain. And the best part is it is reasonably spread throughout the Riverina and SW NSW - yes we needed the rain badly whilst QLD and the north and coastal area of NSW have had more than enough!!
Mother Nature is a quirky lady is she not????
At the moment I am very grateful for this particular bit of quirkiness.
Oh and for the drop in temperature .... it is a lovely 20deg currently!! So So Nice!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


and here it is......
my xmas item for February that I have done as part of
'1 Xmas Item A Month'
Why not pop over to Pins and Whiskers and check out what many talented bloggers are doing in ! Xmas Item A Month!!!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Just A Tad Happy & Excited Tonight!

Wow 2 posts in 2 days!!!!
Why you may ask???

because of THIS!!!!!!!
the hole from where the window was removed between 2 rooms was filled in today!!! YAY!!!!
The eldest and the youngest (my baby) are pictured above putting in the framework. Isaac has a very serious look of concentration because his father had already had 2 very close up viewings of the hammer by his thumb - they didn't actually meet but it was close. And there are a couple of hammer head marks in the existing plasterboard.And the bonus was they didn't have any any 'very heavy discussions whilst working together!!

And this is the finish!! Now to buy more plasterboard for the other side (bedroom) and the plaster to smooth it all out, then the painting, and then the cupboards and the wall behind the cupboards!! At least I can now put my sewing table and sewing machine in there so I can do some sewing!!
Well, my weekend has been good so far - hope yours has been also!!

Friday, 22 February 2013


Very little achieved at all this week - that is just how it is sometimes!
A few weeks back I was going into the vegie garden to cut down this broken branch with my new birthday present - small chainsaw - given to me because i wanted it so i can clean up such messes as the broken branch. The branch is still there!!! maybe over the weekend.....

Thought I would check the pumpkins while I was wandering around this morning - so many people have been saying they haven't many fruit on their vines - well guess what, nor do we - now we will have to find a generous farmer and get a bib of pumpkins to see us through until next year!! Lovely big leaves but no fruit as seen in the photo - they were also very slow to start growing this season.

My 'new' to me wheelbarrow bought at the auction last week for $5 - i was going to do so much with it this week but the heat and the FLAT TYRE got in the way!!

The bathtub I also bought at the auction last week for $15 - was going to have that placed and filled (with the said wheelbarrow) ready to be planted with herbs (very close to my back door). Here it is just as the MOTH's unloaded a week ago.

BUT.... I am not the only one who got nowhere fast in this little block of dreams here.... found the moth's gumbies sitting so nicely on a half bale of hay this morning - don't know how long they have been there or how long they will be there!!

And this is my youngest son's dream vehicle which is now going to be for his sister (I NOT happy -n I so wanted this for myself) - a VW ute being done up - long term project this one and it hasn't gone anywhere for quite a while!! i could so see myself zipping around in this little beauty with my gardening purchases on the bag, my craft things on the back or my reno things on the back - lovely bright green or yellow (not the purple my daughter wants it); and all the young fellows in town (the hot little just out of nappy boys with big dreams) green with envy as i zip by!!! Ah well, i will just have to keep dreaming like those little fellows.

I have been crafting - only one thing finished though - this coaster which will go together with 3 others done by members of our CWA branch for a Group Competition. i think i get this back after the judging - one coaster???? i am the only one who drinks tea and coffee here so it will get used eventually!

Weekend Plans - gardening, finish the window to wall renovating (hopefully), and artfully, deviously skirting around anything else!!!lol
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Valentines Day - the day we tell the one we love that we love them - which we should be doing everyday anyway! This is how my valentines day has gone so far:
On checking my PO Box I found i had a parcel of LOVE....

This bundle of beautiful HEART goodies from Deb R at - lots of love here - and today just happened to be valentines day and the day i went into town and checked the mailbox - how good was that! A beautiful Quilt notepad, a delightful little Hatched and patched embroidery, heart choccies, heart lollipop and a beautiful little embroidered heat. Now see that tiny little pink thing that looks like a pair of pliers/tin snips - well when i took of the tiny little pink cover i had a little pair of scissors!!! The scissors are attached to the beautiful embroidered heart!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Deb R!!!!!!!! Deb was my swap partner in the  initial heart swap run by Cherryl over at
The next lot of love from me is this.........

yes, the window is out....finally.....

And i am loving it because i am one BIG step closer to getting my sewing room. Just a pity i don't have the strength he males here do or the window would have been out a week ago.... truly it would have!!! Tomorrow i get to go shopping and get the gyprock and timber to close this hole up!!
I am just loving Miss Daisy - the newest addition to the household. Here she was trying to let my sons beautiful Labrador, Jessie know that she was not welcome inside the house!!! She is a wild little girl and keeps me amused during the day ( and Jessie is always welcom in my house, so Miss Daisy will just have to get used to her).

You are probably wondering what this next photo has to do with love. Well let me tell you. i was loving every minute of the scrap metal man's visit this morning. He dropped a humongous bin for the males to fill up over the next 4 weeks - tis hard for the boys but they WILL do it!!! And these 2 cars are the first of about 10 that are GOING........ yes GOING I SAY....... I said GOING!!!!!!

Now do you understand where the love is. Proceeds from this little ongoing endeavour will hopefully get the shed wired up properly - hopefully we won't be swapping cords and power points around to use the power!!

And did I share some love this week and today.... yes i did!!! This lovely Heart Pincushion is what I made for Maria ( ), who was my other swap partner in the Initial Heart Swap (thank you Cheryl for organising the swap - it has really got me back into sewing and crafting!!)
And the other bit of love I am giving today is to my husband - a pair of light weight work boots and some scratchies. Since he was very ill 2 years ago he gets very tired and his legs, feet and hips ache most of the day - so when I spotting these in our local Bunnings I thought it would be a good idea for him to try them. They are really light so hopefully they help the aches - we shall find out tomorrow after he has worn them all day!! Generous, caring and LOVE-ing little thing aren't I!!!

That's it for today - time to get some dinner going and get into some more throwing out in this back room - incentive is my sewing room!!!lol.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Day For Me

So today dawned and I certainly did not want to spend it doing housework - so a little shopping and window shopping was in order. As part of creating my craft room i am removing a window from one wall (it will go into another wall at a later date).
Well I have taken off the architraves , all ready to remove the window and..... who ever pit it in  jolly well put the gyprock right up to the window to hold it in.

So to find a way to cut the gyprock back to get the window out and bot wreck the whole sheet of gyprock in the process (and that would be 4 sheets there being 4 sides to the window of course!!) So this was the reason for the shopping expedition - to buy a Renovator - Multi tool

Such a handy little tool to. I can see some serious work with all of these attachments coming up - furniture fix ups, doors to be removed and replaced, tiles to be fixed and the list goes on.

From here I went window shopping - i spent the morning checking out a farm clearing sale (owner related to my daughter in law so i got the grand tour!). I think I am going to be seriously broke next weekend - if I manage to get the furniture i have earmarked!!!lol.

One wardrobe in serious need of repair and the other can go straight into use!
 These chairs are GOING TO BE MINE!!! I hope, and I can dream!!
 This cane basket is the mother of all baskets - it is a wool sorting basket from out of the shearing shed - who knows how old it is - this i will be bidding on for my daughter in law (unbeknown to my son!).

This little beauty on the left is very sturdy and solid still and really won't take a lot of work to bring it back to what it should be!! The 2 old sewing machines will join my other 5 oldies. Don't know what I am going to do with them all yet.

And this old fridge is going to find a home in our BBQ area - not as a fridge but as cupboard for all the utensils for the BBQ! And the dressing table will be used in our bedroom.
now all I need is to be the winning bidder on the whole lot, and that won't be easy because the owner is third generation and there will be a huge crowd in attendance!
And another finish and a start for February...
The cow at the back is finally finished and awaiting it's cushion insert, and i have started it's mate so that maybe another February finish - in amongst the renovating and the furniture restoration and the gardening and the housework!!!lol
have a lovely week everyone!!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Quick Post!

 Just a quick post this morning. Waiting for family to arrive.

2 finishes this week - sweet little purses  and

a peak at one christmas item!

Was very busy today cooking cakes - this is the Boiled fruit cake ready to go in the oven.

And it is a success!!!! The 3 slices I have had so far are proof!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013


For the first time in 33 years we are back to just 'Darby & Joan'!!!!!! And how good is it to just have 2 people in the house to cook and clean for!! Well.... 2 human people that is..... must not forget Milly (miniature fox terrier), Bobby Girl (mother bobtail cat), Meggsie (Bobby's son - 3mths) and Daisy (2mths, new kitten - friend for meggsie) - but a pat and some food and I have 4 great companions day and night!

This week I have finished and posted the Valentines Initial Swap that I am taking part in. It is being run by Cheryl over at - I was soooooo NOT happy posting this to the other side of the country yesterday!!! I wanted it for myself!!lol. Here is a sneak preview..

Now onto the coming week. I have lots planned...

Starting the winter vegie planting...

more lawns to mow....... not so hard with my faithful self propelled mower

finishing more UFOs...... one cushion is ready to be made up, the other ready to start embroidering....

thought I would share a photo or two of the excess garden produce that my 8 year old grand daughter is going to sell for pocket money... Egg Plants - don't know why we planted these as no one in the family eats them!!!

 And capsicums coming out of our ears!!! freezing some of these.........

The BIG plan for the week....... getting this end of our back room cleared out to convert into my sewing room!!!!!!! lots to do here.... a wall to go in, cupboards and book shelves to be measured and converted into a wall of cupboards, flooring to be organised and the list goes on . But it will be good to have one room with all of my sewing and craft things together!!!

What are you planning for this coming week???? Anything as interesting as a new sewing room??

Have a great weekend.