Sunday, 8 November 2015


They just keep on coming around don't they!!!
Some sewing to show - 4 finished water bottle carriers (lined with a face washer) - some for Christmas gifts and some for a market table.
Tea towels - again some for Christmas gifts and some for a market table - 22 altogether!
And there they lie patiently waiting for me - they will be all used by the end of the week!
Beauty in the garden - they are short lived but what a show when they do flower!!

they take my eye off the weeds growing around them!! They are doing double duty!
These do triple duty - they get me out of the house and filling my face at the same time; they tell me summer is officially only a few weeks away and they are the start of the preserving season!!
Wakey Wakey! It is breakfast time!!

These little monsters are pure bred Labradors - my girl of 7 years old had her first litter and ISN'T having anymore - she has never been very fussed about puppies of any sort and not too fussed with these - they are 4 weeks old and she only visits them once a day!! So guess who has been feeding them.

I have started using what ever is lying around to plant things in - bird cages look good with plants - and I don't have to feed succulents everyday either!!

A pretty bonus from the garden
I didn't realise just how many roses I have (and still planting) - lovely to pick them as buds and watch them open up day by day eventually flowing over the edge of the vase.

That is the end of the wrap up. have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Finally back again - the days just seem to be going faster and faster! I have been busy with yard work (mum's and mine) and family.
Naomi's Garden - roses have established well and flowering non stop - time to start planting either side now - just shrubs and ground covers (oh alright some more roses too). The bottom left photo is what jumped into the ute last Friday - we travelled to Junee to a Monster Plant Sale (mum, myself and my friend Alice) - my son's ute must have a 'plant attractant' in the metal floor!! have been busy planting up pots and anything that holds dirt. The bird cage succulents are starting to take off!

I have potted up cuttings and cuttings and cutting  and still have heaps to go - mostly from my garden and mums - but then I had to go and visit 2 friends didn't I - just hope they all strike and I will be on the way to filling all these garden beds here!!

the pot house is full of cuttings!!

plus new geraniums that jumped into my car (of all places) when I was looking around Bunning's!! hardy all the way here in the plant world!

yay!!! have finally got all my tomato plants in - now to start on capsicums, lettuce and herbs!!

All sorts and colours of tomatoes.

Even have some fruiting - first tomatoes of the season by the end of December I am thinking!! We have had a few showers here the last week so the planting has had a boost - we have a lot of storms predicted through tonight (I can hear the thunder rolling around out there now) so some more gentle showers will be coming. Had the biggest clap of thunder I have ever heard 2 nights ago - right at the back of the house - sounded like something exploded - I felt the house shake - and I shook for ages after it (that is after I took my heart out of my throat and put it back in my chest - raced outside like a looney to see what exploded!!! hahaha - must of been a sight for the dogs that weren't in hiding - then the thunder kept rolling over us (and heaps of lightening - hate that bit).
'Ma-ma can I look at your phone for a moment please' - Okay says I..... and this is what I find in the photos - 3 feral cousins - obviously nothing better to do with their time - I am sure I can fix that with a shovel and plants in their hands!!

I have actually done a little sewing and I will show you that in the next post.
And I have been having a catch up read of everyone's blog post's tonight - I haven't forgotten you all - just time gets away on me. I am trying to comment on at least one of everyone's posts (then you will know I have been to visit). Tomorrow I am of to a sewing morning (probably more a talking morning!!) - a little me time.
Enjoy your week everyone!!