Tuesday, 5 March 2013


TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!...... another branch down in the vegie garden! Looks like the Wilga tree has had it's day. 

Woke up to the chainsaw going this morning...

and this is all that is left of the Wilga Tree ..... and that is going to have to come down also as it is all on one side! Oh well we have a start on next years wood for the fire!!!

Taking a walk to check out the wood cutting action wasn't a good idea. Hours of work dragging it all out now and looking around there is hours of work to get the vegie garden back into some sort of order.

And this is the branch all cut up - i took the photo from a little distance away because it doesn't look like as much work as it does when up close and personal!

The hot days in February and the hot winds with it did some damage but nothing like those damned goats have done. These are some of my roses!! Pity they won't eat the bathurst burrs that have super growing spurts after the rain. MOTH cut some out with the chain saw this morning!! yes the chainsaw I say! there is going to be a HUGE bonfire when the cooler months get here!!

And all that lovely rain we had last week - hmmmm there is a downside - look at all the lovely weeds!!! Just as well the weather has cooled down, I can at least spend some time outside and get the mowing and weeding started!!

Where am I going to fit in some CRAFT!!! and finishing off the window removal, and the housework and everything else on the list!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. wow thats a lot to cleanup,its a big tree,good luck with doing your craft.xx

  2. How's a girl supposed to get her sewing done with regular life needing attention too? :)

    1. Exactly Narelle!! regular life just never learns to plan and fit in around the important stuff!!lol

  3. WOW what a mess... great fire wood though!
    Life has a way of getting in the way of our crafting doesn't it. Oh well... keep plugging away! :)


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