Tuesday, 27 May 2014


We are back from Sydney. And this is what we came home to...
Karah's bedroom all painted. And we have one wall of stripes only!!!! The room looks fabulous - it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint does to a room - plans are underway to do the rest of the house now!!!! Deciding on colours is not as easy as I thought!!!lol.
Karah is over the moon with her room - she says it amazing and not many kids get to paint their rooms the colours they want so that is awesome!! She dark purple cupboards which tone in nicely but the doona cover is a bit of a clash - bright multi coloured with a background of bright pink!! The main thing is that she is happy with it!!
Naomi is taking each day as it comes. The results in Sydney were no different to what we had already been told. We are now concentrating on quality for Naomi and making lots of happy memories for Karah. There was no time frame given and neither Naomi or I want one - we prefer to  count the days she is with us than how many are left for her. She has her ups and downs but generally is fairly optimistic and wants to fight it the best she can. She will be starting on a treatment that is designed to slow the cancer down. She also has a few things she wants to do with Karah over the next few months that she has wanted to do for a while so we will be kept busy with fulfilling her wish list!!!
We have had beautiful balmy weather - very warm for this time of year here. That changed today - we have had well over an inch of rain and a cool change - the fire has been going since lunch time. The rain will be good for the planned gardening over the next week. very little has been done outside over the last 6 weeks so the soft ground will help with the weeding, digging and planting that we have to do!! And I haven't done any stitching or crafts for that time  so it will be nice to spend some time inside doing a bit of that as well.
That is all for now!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Birthday Give Away Winners - Part 1

It is time to announce the winners of my 2nd Blogging Birthday Give Away - Part 1. Although there were 17 comments 3 of those were double ups (bloggers commented twice), so I have taken the number back to 14. The list is pictured below.

 *Ondrea  *Sandra  *Peg and *Simone
I have emailed each of the winners.
GIVE AWAY PART 2 was supposed to start today but I will be postponing it for approx. 1 week as our daughter Naomi has been admitted to hospital today in preparation for airlifting to Sydney tomorrow - she is being transferred for more tests to be done ready for her case review with a specialist team on Monday - hopefully they will be able to do something positive for her!! I will be driving down to Sydney with my husband and grand daughter tomorrow afternoon to be with her - the second part of my give away will be after we are sorted with her treatment in Sydney (it could be a double celebration give away!!!).


Thursday, 15 May 2014

12 Hours Left For Your Chance!!!!

This 2nd Blogging Birthday Give-away is the link to the post for Part 1of my Give Away celebrating my 2nd year of Blogging!!!!!   It closes tonight at MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AEST) so HHHUURRRRRRYYYYYY on over and post a comment for your chance to be a winner in Part 1 of my celebration!!!!

Monday, 12 May 2014


Don't forget to post a comment on the bottom of this post, 2ND BLOGGING BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!! for your chance to win one of 4 prizes. Part 1 closed this Thursday, 15th May 2014 at midnight!!!!!!!!
Look at this wonderful surprise awaiting my collection from the post office today!!! I have always loved these scarves but have had no inclination or intention to make one for myself ... ever.... ever! Well, now I don't. Thanks to beautiful Shez from Enjoying Life that is. This lovely gift as well as the cute key ring (how did Shez know I am in need of a new one of these!) was sent to me by Shez as part of PAY IT FORWARD - a beautiful bloggy friendship idea - which I will explain in a later post. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHEZ!!!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Quiet Mothers Day

Spent today quietly at home. My sister and mum came out for a roast lunch - which I cooked and thoroughly enjoyed - love roast lamb!! Planted some roses this afternoon - only another 8 to go of this purchase lot. If I can swing an hour out in the garden each day I will have them planted in 2 days. Planted 2 Chrysanthemums a white one that one of my close friends gave me at lunch on Friday and this one - a mother's day gift.
I also bought another 4 at Bunnings for myself when I was purchasing the paint for Karah's bedroom. I hope to get them planted over the next couple of days also. Finished the day off with a bonfire (huge pile of tree cuttings our son brought out from his newly purchased 1st home!).
Just me and the bonfire tonight - quiet time which I haven't had any of for a couple of weeks. And I am finishing the day off with a couple of these - another Mother's day gift.
All in all a relaxing day. How did you spend your Mother's Day - I hope it was as relaxing and calm as mine.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Another Busy Day

We have light showers, overcast and cold here today. An inside day. On the agenda is tidying up the sewing/craft room; cooking some cakes; sorting clothes and starting to paint Karah's bedroom. Creative young lady that she is, there is going to be a feature wall (she thinks two but I think one is enough!!) - the clash of the creative minds is nigh!!! The youngest will probably win because the oldest is a softie and doesn't have to sleep in there!!
Stripes in the above colours - we have the paint, the tape and the rollers - now we just need to decide on the different size widths and measure it all out and get started!!! The other walls are going to be painted plain (because we have bright purple furniture!) - the palest mauve tinted white!!
DON'T FORGET - my 2nd Blogging Birthday give away - just comment over HERE for your chance to one of 4 winners!!
That's it for me today - what have you got planned for this lovely weekend??

Thursday, 8 May 2014


I am only a week late but here they are!!!!! The prizes for my 2nd Blogging Birthday Party - how that time has flown. And I have enjoyed so much being a blogger - all the wonderful friends I have made through blogging (in a way they are like my secret life!!!hehe!!!); the support I have received from all of my wonderful blog friends has been amazing also (that is personal and technical). I have taken part in a number of swaps and of course I am now addicted - they are such a wonderful and enjoyable part of my blogging. Craft/sewing blogs are not the only genre I follow in the blogging world - I follow quite a few in the gardening and sustainable living areas as well - from these I learn so much - new recipes, new gardening ideas and the list is never ending.
So, to say thank you to all of my blog friends I am having a 2 part give away. The first is for my CRAFTY/SEWING friends and followers (and anyone they would like to invite to participate as well). So here is what you need to do:
COMMENT on this post only telling me and everyone else who reads this post where you are from and what your favourite craft or style of sewing is. Easy peasy!!!. This part of the give away will run for one week. On the THURSDAY 15TH MAY 2014 at  midnight (AEST). From all of the comments I will use to draw 4 prize winners!!!

The 2nd part of my giveaway will run from midnight 15th May 2014 to midnight Thursday 21st May 2014 - it will be for anyone who loves gardening - all gardening things as prizes. There is no rule about being a follower (if you want to become a follower that would be lovely) - I just want to share my Blogging birthday with everyone!!!!

So for this weeks Give away prizes:

The photo above and the photo below show all the goodies I have selected to make up the 4 prizes. I will sort them into 'surprise' packs during the coming week ready for the winners draw next Friday morning!!
Button packs, Peg Magnets, Hand Towels, Hand made Scarves, Fat Quarters, Brooches, Vintage Doilies, Knitted Tea Cosy, decorative Tea Towels, and some haberdashery items!!
below are close ups of some of the items in the give away!!

And that is all there is to my 2nd Blogging Birthday Give Away - remember you can share among your followers and invite them to be a part of it all as well.
FOOTNOTE: we have brought our daughter Naomi and grand daughter home - she wanted to be with her family (her support team and network) and to be under the care of her long time Dr whom she has utmost trust and faith in. Her diagnosis is terminal liver cancer - aggressive. The time frame she has been given is relatively short - 2 months to 12 months. She is determined to fight it and we are in the process of getting referrals for more opinions from specialists in Sydney and Melbourne. As a family we are slowly coming to terms with the diagnosis and the huge changes to our lives in her fight to survive. We are taking it one step and one day at a time and are very fortunate that we have a strong support network here.