Wednesday, 31 July 2013


It has been cold in the mornings this past week....
I woke up to this on Thursday 25th

very crunchy underfoot!!

and the more it melted the colder it became
looking across our side paddock towards the juice factory on Friday 26th

and looking across the same paddock today - a good old pea soup fog!!

the sun coming up through the fog this morning at 8am!
But from 11am onwards we have had beautiful warm sunny days - so I have been
outside being the roundup queen - in the middle of winter the Marshmallow Weed, Khaki
Weed and even the Bathurst Bur and Scotch Thistle have been having growth spurts.
So I have been waving my magic wand everyday (and I am seeing the beginnings of results) -
trying to make spring gardening that little bit easier!! 

This beautiful pair are our new family members. Trixie on the right I bought for
myself (I missed having a little companion after Milly went). Trixie is a soft gentle
timid little girl. A week later I bought her sister Rosie on the left for my husband.
She is bigger, stronger, bossy, naughty and inquisitive - just perfect to be a ute or
truck travelling companion for Greg. They fight over their food, both of us, their bed
and anything else they can find; then they will curl up together in their bed, on our
feet, or on our lap (together) and sleep!
Tomorrow is being spent clearing out the bedrooms for my son and family who are
coming for the weekend - we have a family reunion and a baby shower for our
soon to be new grandson!! A lovely weekend coming up!



  1. yes we have been having heavy frost too,so cold.I love your two new additions,they are so cute.xx

  2. Aww they are both adorable! Looks a bit cold over there, hope you're wrapped up warm :-)

  3. Oh they are sooooo cute enjoy your family weekend reunion !

  4. Lovely morning pics, cold as it is, the scenery still is beautiful. Love your new additions, they're so cute. Have a lovely weekend with family.
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. Your new puppies are very sweet Kerrie, lovely additions to your family. All that frost and fog looks very cold.....stay warm and have a wonderful weekend with your all your family celebrations. Nanette


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