Friday, 12 July 2013


I am having a battle with time flying by lately!!
The last ten days have just disappeared on me! I have been looking after
 one of my other grandchildren!!!!
this is Pepper - who I have had the pleasure of looking after whilst my daughter and grand daughter are away for a week. She is just a beautiful, sooky, cuddly heavyweight!! I have to brace myself when she comes running to greet me because she run
 flat out and leaps at me - no easy task staying on my feet!!!
I have also been looking after my mothers house and dog whilst she has been away - so a drive into town each day for that, our 16yr old grandson has been here for the week also and as he doesn't have a licence I am his taxi for him to catch up with a few of his old friends (he did get on the tractor/slasher; forklift & lawnmower while he was here and did a lot of jobs for me!!
And my own baby, 20 year old Isaac had a hernia op last Tuesday so guess who wanted his mother at his side  all day and half the next - he can't drive either so I have been checking on him also.
I did manage to finish the Xmas In July Swap items!!!!
Here is a peek of them!!
Sorry for the quality of the photo but it I keep forgetting to take photos outside during daylight hours and my camera does not take good photos inside at night.
So that wraps up the last 10 days for me!!
Plans for the weekend - Saturday is creating in the garden, and
Sunday is creating at the sewing machine.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned doing what you enjoy the most!!


  1. I find the weeks just fly by. I think I get up on Monday morning and got to bed Friday night...LOL
    Hope you Son gets better soon.

  2. Hi Kerri,I know that feeling, I have 2 sons and 6 grandchildren . Xmas is looking good !!

  3. You are a "good" elf being ready for Xmas in July! Well done! Aren't our four legged friends just the best at saying "hello" ! :)

  4. you have had a busy time - life happens like that sometimes doesnt it.

  5. We are busy busy here too, have a great weekend!


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