Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What To Do Today........

So lovely and sunny here today after a very cold morning. What to do?? Stay inside and do the mundane washing, cleaning etc or go outside and do some more in the yard!
So I have combined the two..... sorting stuff in the old house and taking it outside to the burning pile, and picking up rubbish and garden clippings (twigs, branches etc) and adding to the pile. Later this evening I will burn it and then sit beside it absorbing the warmth, watching it burn, deep in thought (as i always am at the side of a fire) with maybe a glass of wine.
I hate sorting house stuff..... what do I get rid of, what do I keep........ supposed to be downsizing BUT................ maybe the kids will want this or that, is this important or not...........

some of the 'stuff' has been saved many times over from the bin...... maybe it is time to hand it on or dispose of it!!!!!!!!

think I will take a break and wander around outside for a little while - much nicer things to look at out there ........... like these Christmas cactus that just keep on flowering.........

back inside for another go at the sorting........... 35 years of hanging onto stuff has got to stop!!!!
usable or not most of it has to go because we haven't USED it for many years!!!

I will feel good about the job I have done when I come back across to the old house in the morning and there is considerably less to sort through!!
AND none of it is my 'craft' and 'sewing' stuff!!! I did that big sort out a couple of months ago and that really felt good........ I can find most things I go looking for now!!! And quite a few people were very happy to receive what I discarded!!
Ahh well - another day nearly over - and I do feel really good to have sorted and discarded the amount I have today, plus cleaned up a bit more dried out prunings etc from around the yard.
A couple of hours and I can have a pretend bonfire on my own and think about what a great job I have done today!!!!
But tomorrow I am having a day sewing!!!


  1. Don't forget the marshmallows for toasting :)

    1. Excellent suggestion Narelle!! I think I have an unopened packet in the cupboard - great finish to a busy day!

  2. WOW!,,, just love your crab cacti

  3. That sounds just like me with the sorting out. I'm doing my sewing room at the moment and the decisions nearly do my head in. Good idea to take a walk in your garden. I love your cactus flowers. Mine are full of buds.

  4. It's good to get rid of some of the old. The boys are adults now, but I did the toy/book/ cleanout with them a few years ago, along with a lot of my craft and books, but still kept some favourite things of theirs. Feels good and makes space! The younger two have once again gone through their rooms recently and discarded stuff, so I'm pleased at least two of them have that decluttering gene lol.

  5. your zygo's are flowering nicely..........

  6. Your garden is so full of colour, very nice.
    Have a great day sewing tomorrow.
    Cheers, Anita.


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