Saturday, 13 July 2013


A day in the garden today - 5 hours in fact and although I can see what I have
 done  it doesn't really look like much. Lots of re potting and we wheelbarrowed a pile of composted straw into a garden bed that was started 6 months ago and can now be planted up with shrubs in the spring.
my helper and I re potted 9 yuccas - which look fairly scrappy at the moment but as they all had good root systems they will take off in the spring. We also re potted 8 geraniums that were struggling. The soil was like rock in the pots so we added a heap of potting mix and compost so they should also take off in the warmer weather.
Whilst my mother was in Melbourne last week I asked her and my aunty to check out op shops for old teacups, teapots etc that would be okay to use for succulents. My grand daughter is nearing the end of her footy season and wanting to start doing markets again so I thought potting up succulents in these would be something a little different.
Well this is just a few of what they bought for me lol!!! I cannot let the pair of them out on their own again!! here I have 19 cups, 2 teapots and 3 bowls. I haven't opened the other boxful yet! I am inclined to keep the 4 white cups and 4 bright coloured cups for myself. Might substitute for some in my kitchen cupboard.
That is about it for tonight - tomorrow I am going to try to convert pallets into vertical gardens - my helper will be out again - this could be interesting (or rather the results will be!!!)


  1. Gotta love the op shops, you find all sorts of treasures there!! Love all the cups!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Good on you out in the garden and thinking ahead to spring! I really need to do that as well :-)Great op shop finds... a fun idea for more planting.

  3. It looks like you did heaps! Yuccas are so expensive to buy, I hope they take off for you. Looks like your Mum and Aunt had loads of fun, must have been like Christmas when they got home, love the swan :-).

  4. Your gardening looks great and the collection of china is wonderful, love your idea for them!


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