Sunday, 4 August 2013

Time Out Weekend.

This weekend has been one of 'family'.
our eldest son and grandchildren arrived Friday and spent the night and saturday with us which was lovely - I even got the lawns mowed for me by my grandson and i didn't ask either!!!!
I spent a couple of hours yesterday catching up with aunties, uncles and cousins and extras that would be 3rd, 4th or 5th cousins to me. That included a lovely lunch that I didn't have to prepare myself....bonus!
today I spent a couple of hours with my youngest sons partner here at home.
Then it was off to the baby shower for my soon to be 'grandson' (that is if the scan is correct!!!)
This turned out to be very creative afternoon!!! As there were 7 grandchildren there
the new mum to be bought a pile of onsies and paint. the two above were done ny my very crafty grand daughter who is quite fussy with her work!! her indigenous background shoed through today, and a bit of Pro hart style also!!

I am not sure about the one on the left but the one on the right was done by the only boy amongst the six girls!!! he would have rathered kicking cans around I think.

I cannot see the new baby being put in these at all but the kids had fun doing them, and the mothers were able to sit in peace and have afternoon tea!!

I do know the tidy ones have been done by the older girls (8,9 & 10),
while the messy ones were the younger kids.
The following photos are of the little bed my youngest son, Isaac (20yrs0 made for the new
baby. My husband made one similar for him when he was born and he wouldn't
part with it for the new bub. So he made a new one!
This was taken before the painting and lacquering was done.

And this is the finished bed! My mother (81) painted the bed head and Isaac did the rest. He made the head posts too long so I suggested a little shelf wouldn't go astray, so he put one on and it made a big difference. N0 4 son (father to be) is wrapped with his little brothers present.


  1. Lovely paintings by some great artists !!!! Beautiful bed :-)))

  2. wow lots of creative work done here and sounds like everyone had a fun day.xx

  3. That little bed is the most amazing present - no wonder your son is pleased with it! And I love the idea of the onesies!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend and lots of great ideas here. You obviously have a very talented and creative family!

  5. What a wonderful "bed" and being handmade makes it even more special! Love the "artwork".. such FuN! and all memories too! :)


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