Saturday, 27 July 2013


You all know what it is like - hair is long and drab, fringe is in my eyes,
coming out of winter our skin hasn't seen the light of day, need a pick me up.
Well, that pick me up occurred right here yesterday!! A couple of
Macho Aussie Blokes thrown in as well!! 
On her way to the make over...

ooh....macho Aussie Guys waiting to work their magic!

oh oh ... don't think a Brazilian was asked for!!

very undignified.... a bag of potatoes is how not so Macho Aussie Guy treats us
Oh well... should make the best of it

all this twisting and turning - won't have to go to aerobics today

what is THAT!!!!.....oh fleece

Now where is girlfriend going.... OMG .....not down that thing!!!
That isn't all it?? Nah

nor is that all mine - must be from the girls before me!!
hmm so that is where it all goes to.... in garbage bags.... surely not..... ohhhhhhh
to the wool broker next!!! ahhh!!!

All Done!! Now to hit the road to lush green and muddy paddocks!
And that is what has been happening around here the last few days. Shearing. My nephew and his friend did the shearing, I checked in occasionally to take some photos (my shed days are over),
while my son did the penning, mustering and now the clean up!! It is the weekend
now which means time to do just what I want which will be continuing to build my
vertical garden from recycled pallets; and a bit of socialising.
What do you have planned for the weekend!!



  1. Great pictures. It looks like hard work. I have had a very laid back week. Hardly any sewing but lots of cups of tea and some reading in a nice sunny spot.

  2. My uncles were shearers in Orange and I used to love to watch them with the sheep. I always thought they looked so skinny afterwards. :)

  3. All that wool, do you spin?


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