Monday, 22 July 2013


Thursday, Friday & Saturday brought us rain - lots of it - around the 50mm mark.
The rain brought us cold - VERY COLD - down to the zero mark at nigh
 and only about 9 during the day.
The cold brought the WIND - I estimate at -10!!! - that is what it feels like when it
cuts through you anyway!
Maybe not as cold as many places are at the moment.... but we have ben spoilt this winter and had reasonably warm weather for June.
So there has been no gardening, no walks. just no outside activity.
But I have been busy inside. I have vacuumed, cleaned, washed and dried. And I have cooked meals for 5 days which means I don't have to tax my brain to think about what we are going to
have for tea each night this week!
I have also been busy playing with yarns - all sorts of yarns.
And thus my market stall will be looking much better in a few weeks.
Some time spent mixing and matching until the selection looks good together
 they laying them all out and pinning in place I move onto the fun part
 - sewing like a crazy woman all over the washaway
once I have calmed down it is into a bath filled with warm water to rinse
and after doing that twice, it is onto the clothes horse to dry and then
they become these.................

beautiful scarves

each time I make a new batch I think I will keep this one or that one
for myself but as yet I haven't

Now sitting on my sewing table are the fabrics for not 1 but 2 tote bags

Both are gifts and I am really looking forward to making them.
I made bags for several years and sold at markets - to the point that I never wanted to make another again!! Maybe it is because I have plenty of time to make these and I have chosen
to do them because I want to that I am looking forward to making them.
That's it from me for today - I hope wherever you are that your days are nice and sunny!!


  1. wow those scarfs are awesome,well done and love the fabrics you have chosen for the bags.xx

  2. I love the idea with the scarves you make it look so easy. Is it ? I would love or try it. :-)))

  3. It sounds like you have been busy again! The scarves look very pretty, interesting process you do.

  4. Those scarves are awesome and I love the yarns,
    and the colours. Have fun with the bags, great
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. You have been really busy making those lovely scraps.

  6. Beautiful scarves, and love the fabric for the bags, have fun creating xx


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