Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Keeping Up The Pace!

Well here I am onto my third post of the year before the first week is done! Wonders never cease.

My first batch of tomato relish is done.

I was given some apricots (which would be the smallest I have ever been given), so I have also made some Apricot Butter - as the apricots were very ripe it hasn't thickened as well as it should have but now problem there - it still spreads nicely on buttered bread and with cream on top it is the ants pants.

 Not as sweet as jam and is pureed as well. Would go well as a topping on ice cream also.

The first of my winter food preparation. Parsnips were on special at one of our fruit and vegie shops so I have started stocking up for soups and casseroles.

This week I have Abbey staying with me. She is now eleven and a half. Today Shimika came to spend a couple of days also. They busied themselves covering paper mache boxes with fabrics and making dreamcathchers. Chips of course were needed to keep the creative juices flowing!!

I have even done something craft wise - cutting out drink bottle holders.

And pot holders also - some for gifts and some for market stalls.

Got these out which I started about 15 months ago - 2 teapot cosies - aiming to get these finished for CWA Land Craft in March; and

these potholders also for CWA Land Handcraft in March.

In November last year Griffith Branch CWA members made 36 pillowslips, 14 activity bags and 6 emergency bags for the Children's Ward at Griffith Base Hospital.

Here are Karah, myself and another member Heather with staff members when we presented them.

The activity bags had a scribble pad/or an activity pad, coloured pencils and a sharpener;

and the emergency bags had soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and tissues. Our hospital is fed by a large number of outlying towns and quite often patients are transferred and arrive with just the clothes they  have on their back - the staff were happy to have the emergency packs for these patients.

AUSTRALIA DAY SWAP being run by Anthea at Hibiscus Stitches - sign up closes on the 6th January so if you want show your love for our country pop over to Anthea's blog and sign up now!!


  1. Hi Kerrie wow you sure have been busy,do you freeze the parsnips?
    I haven't heard of apricot butter before,but it sure sounds yummy,glad you are blogging more as I love seeing what you are up to xx

  2. Such a nice post and a break from our frigid weather here in the U.S. It was only 17°F here this morning. I love apricot butter but haven't had it in years since lightening struck the tree in my neighbors yard:( I'm looking through seed catalogs to plan out my garden for the next growing season.

  3. Definitely that time of year for the preserving of food! Those emergency bags are a great idea - many of our patients get caught out when they have come in from the smaller outlying places!

  4. have been busy! Love all your preserves, how beautiful they look in the jars. It looks as if there is a lot of fun happening up there.

  5. Wow you have been busy...have had lemon butter (of course!), passionfruit and orange but never apricot - and now I want some! sounds very yummy...I've been the recipient of an emergency bag in a regional hospital and it was so very much appreciated...

  6. ooh, I have never heard of Apricot butter - yum!

  7. The relish and butter sound YummO... xox

  8. Looks like you've had a very productive start to the year with sweet visitors 😊

  9. You have been busy.
    I want to. It some fresh fruit from the orchard and freeze it but not sure how

  10. A lovely post. Yummy produce. Nice to see girls having fun sewing. LOve the fabrics you have for all your projects. My, you are busy! Good to see you blogging again.

  11. Those bags are a great idea........


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