Thursday, 19 January 2017

Yay!! Some Sewing!!

So today I have spent all day fiddling with patterns and fabric!! I decided to take a break from the sorting and have some me time - it was such a good idea!!
First up I completed a thermal Bottle Bag and a Bath Towel for a grandson's 2nd birthday.

Need to make a few more bottle bags with the insulbrite in them as this one is snug fit!! Practice makes perfect they say!! Then onto some cutting out.

I have been wanting to make myself some casserole carriers for a long time so I cut them out today and will sew up over the weekend. I have to get the dowel for the handles on one and the mdf cut to size for the bases of both of them but at least they will be ready for when that is done.

Then I moved onto sorting a pile of WIPs that have been sitting around for way too long (I may have even blogged about them 12 months ago!!). This sewing basket is fill of WIPs as is the Bag. So I have taken each one out to assess where I am up to and then put each one into their own ziplock bag.

These 3 I put into their own little project bag that I can just slip into my big handbag and take with me. With school going back and visiting mum every day I can sit and sew while talking or waiting. 

My 3 sewing bags - a gift from a close friend from one of her many overseas trips; a gift received in a swap and a little bag I made many years ago.

And i have downloaded and had a bit of a look through my scraps in readiness to start this BOM - which I found through Melody who is doing a series of posts on Free BOMs on her blog - The House On The Side Of The Hill (thank you Melody) - pop on over to Melody's blog if you are looking for something else to do this year - my Monday sewing group of 3 other ladies will be doing this with me!!

So am I sewing tonight - no I am not - I finished some secret sewing today also but I cannot show you that until mid February.

So I am thinking I am going to go and have a shower and have an early (for me) night!!


  1. Hi Kerrie ,boy you have been busy, what a great idea with the thermal cover for bottles,good luck with your WIP,s .

  2. Lots of progress with sorting and getting things organised to sew...
    Good luck with the next thermal bottle bag...

  3. Great idea with some of those UFO's/WIP items ...... and I do like the BOM with the houses as a little table runner idea .....hmmmmm
    I also need to make up some casserole holders, but they will be later in the year I think - hopefully we will have sold and moved by then. Are you still doing EPP this year?

  4. PS ..... do you have the quick link to htat BOM?

  5. The bottle cover and bath towel look great. You look to be very organised now, is food tomhave projects in bags that you can grab on the go. I couldn't find the link to the BOM, not that I need another project of course but interested to have a look at it.

  6. The thermal bottle cover is lovely and the towel too. Great idea there. Some lovely little projects you have found to finish. I always keep projects ready in their own zip lock bags with the threads and scissors. So easy to just pick up and go. Good on you for getting back to sewing. LOvely to see you back regularly again.

  7. Some lovely projects there, Kerrie. What a great idea is a thermal bottle cover and I love that casserole cover. I am looking forward to seeing your BOM progress. Nitey nite, lovely Kerrie!

  8. You have loads of lovely projects on the go there :)

  9. I need one of those thermal bags for my water bottle to keep it cool! I have a black one, but that is boring.....


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