Monday, 2 January 2017

And so this is .... 2017 ..... YAY!!!


May 2017 bring each and everyone of you lots of beautiful memories, lots of laughter and love, good health all through the year; and I hope that you all achieve some if not all of your goals for this year
So I thought I would share some of the 'good' start to 2017 I have found around the traps.

Rose cuttings that I planted back in September - I have lost a few but I am happy with the strike rate.

My tomato plants are starting to give us heaps of tomatoes - relish to be made tomorrow I think.

Tomato bushes are loaded - might have to make some green tomato pickles also.

Zucchini plants have started producing hopefully I can start putting some in the freezer and use some as fresh vegies.

Bean plants have surprised me - I almost never get beans, the plants usually die first!

Pears are well on their way

some of the peaches are starting to ripen.

apples on one tree

and a few on another tree

the last of the nectarines - yummo

happy to find a little bit of colours somewhere amongst the garden beds

Crepe Myrtle - always so delicate and pretty

This boy is now thirteen and a half, my how he has grown up. Lachie with the changing voice and nearly as tall as me - sounds and looks strange when he sidles up for a cuddle! Mr serious trying to ignore Ma-ma taking his photo.

I can always get the smiles though!

This pest - orphan found on the side of the road and hand reared - they needed to have her adopted because they were going away for a few weeks - so the one with softy and sucker emblazoned across her forehead said yes!! I have tried a few names on her - lamb chop, sunday roast, irish stew - she just looks at me knowing damned well she is here forever!!

Even the machinery had something good for me - a smiling boy

A fresh flower ready to burst open

another flower already open - just a quarter of an inch across!

and after 10 years - someone is making an attempt to level the driveway - maybe one year it will get finished - see I do have faith.

Good old faithful - always a bright spot in the garden.


  1. Love all those little places of colour Kerrie - well done... an yes, the teenagers need to be coaxed or bribed in order to get a smile from them, but it's so lovely when they do!

  2. Hi Kerrie ,wow what an amazing garden you have,i love homemade produce.yes the kiddies are growing up so fast,time needs to slow down abit,lol.
    Looking forward to seeing your homemade relish,hope you have an awesome 2017 my friend xx

  3. Some great photos Kerrie, and happy new year to you as well my friend.

  4. Great photos Kerrie
    I enjoyed reading this post

  5. Wow lots of produce growing in the garden.....well done

  6. Hello Kerrie

    Lovely to be growing so much to gather and cook with. Love the growth on your rose cuttings.

    Happy days

  7. Your garden is beautiful and productive Kerrie, and lovely bright spots everywhere. How do you propagate your roses?

  8. Awesome crops Kerrie.... happy new year 💖💖💖

  9. Lots of 'good starts' to share :)
    A handsome young man ... cute lamb (have you thought of the name Kofta) ... love my Crepe Myrtle and good old Billy Goat never fails.
    Ditto on the roses ... what are your tips?

  10. SOme lovely pics there. Our zucchinis are growing rapidly but the tomatoes are still coming. We have had a good lot of beans to pick but the nectarines stopped ages ago. I see some apples on our miniature apple trees. May you have an abundance of nature's bounty.

  11. What beautiful flowers and produce. Makes me feel like spring is far away.Here we are in deep snow with sub zero temps. When I was growing up my Dad rescued a baby lamb in the late winter. It was injured along side of a country road with no house around for miles. He brought it home and we named him lamb Chop. My little sister was 2 then and her sweaters fit lamb chop perfectly so we could take him out in the cold and play with him. After a few months of living indoors we talked some friends into taking him to their farm where there daughter raised him for 4 H. He was sold at the county fair when he is was five.


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