Friday, 27 January 2017

Sewing - Beats Being Outside in The Heat!!

With temperatures see sawing over and under the 40 degree mark I have been staying inside most of the last week - although most of the nights have cooled down which means we have been able to sleep!! So what else is there to do when you don't want to do housework!!! - sew of course!!

I have finished both casserole dish carriers - very happy with how they turned out. The one above doesn't have a board in the base - I have tried it out and it holds the casserole dish quite firmly in place - also made two pot holders to move the dish from the carrier to table or oven at destination.

This one isn't quite finished in this photo. I also made 2 pot holders for this one.

All finished. It is a rectangle shape and has a board in the bottom for extra strength and stability. I also added a serving spoon holder. Both of the Casserole Carriers have Insulbrite linings to keep the casseroles warmer than they would stay with plain wadding. So now that I have done them once I will be doing some more for gifts and a few for market stalls.

I actually can't wait to use them!!

I have been snacking on fresh rockmelons the last few days - fortunate enough to have been given some otherwise I would have been buying them!!

Karah decided she wanted to make a quilt - so I let her go through my stash and choose what she wanted! She was a bit scared of the rotary cutter (especially after seeing the cut I had given myself (just a little one but it bled  and bled!!); so I cut the strips and off she went and sewed them together on her own little basic singer (which I might add is a pleasure to use) which she hunted down in a cupboard and set up herself! Then she ironed while I cut again. And this is the end result of all that sewing and cutting. She is quite chuffed with it (and so am I) - next up she will be sewing the strips of 3 together and then we will be looking for sashing fabric!

And back to my sewing - I am oftem asked for potholders when I have a market stall - so I am going through my stash and putting aside heaps of smaller pieces (9"sq and less) and making them into potholders. I am thinking I am going to have to keep a couple for myself as mine are all a couple of years old and have served me well but are looking a lot worse for wear!! I will also keep some for gifts as well. These also have insulbrite to stop the heat burning your hands (although I never had any problem with my hands burning when I use cotton wadding in them).

So that is about it for me this week. Back to do some more sewing now and then later this evening out to the yard and get the sprinklers going - we have 40 - 43 predicted here this coming week which could very well be higher - so I hope to get the garden beds and lawns soaked up before that hits here.


  1. Your casserole holder look wonderful and are such a great thing to sell at market stalls. I had some rock melon this week too. They have such a great flavour. Karah did a wonderful job of sewing her blocks together. It's probably good to be aware that rotary cutters can be dangerous.

  2. Gee, you have been very busy in the sewing room. You must have air con. It is impossible for me to sew when the weather is that hot. Karah has done an amazing job. I remember when she was thinking of having her own blog and I sent her some little sewing things. How time flies!! Maybe her sewing blog will happen soon if she keeps doing so well. Tell her I think she has done a beautiful job.

  3. Going to be 41-44 here all week...... Once you go over forty it's just bloody awful.. ..

  4. Good idea staying in and sewing... your casserole 🥘 holder look great as do your pot holders...
    Karah's choice of fabrics are fabulous and the blocks are coming together beautifull ... well done.

  5. You have been sewing up a storm!...I especially love how the maroon casserole holder comes together. When I make pot holders I cut up old "Onkerperinga" woolen blankets for the insulation...makes you want to cry when they are perfectly good blankets...but I had a few and don't use them now as I sleep under a waste not want not!

  6. Bets idea staying in and sewing, that is so hot!!! Love the casserole holders and pot holders. Karah has done great sewing.

  7. Hi Kerrie,wow what a wonderful idea for the casserole holders,they look fantastic,you have been very busy my friend,well done.

  8. Wow! Karah did a great job with the start of her quilt top! She has a good eye for colours. To be able to work on this with some expert help right beside her is really wonderful. Keep going Karah :)

    Your pot holders and casserole carriers look great too. I love that spoon holder in the carrier.

    Stay cool ... I think sewing in a/c comfort is the perfect pastime for your hot hot days!

  9. Lovely pot holders, what a good idea... wish we had a bit of hot sunshine over here in the north of Spain.


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