Thursday, 19 December 2013


So today is the BIG REVEAL or OPENING DAY for CHERYLL'S Secret Santa Swap!!
So my partner emails me at a silly hour this morning (I know it was a silly hour because I was outside spraying and watering at 7am!! - trying to beat the heat!) - and suggests we co ordinate the opening of our presents!! So that is what we did. And... WOW again for me... I have participated in 2 secret Xmas Swaps this year and I have been really, REALLY spoilt!!
First parcel opened had this sweet little pincushion/thread catcher - just perfect for it's new home on the arm of my recliner!! And a lovely little crazy embroidered heart pomander pattern, 2 Colour Streams threads and a button!!

A 2014 calendar  with lots of choccies that didn't melt!! With my birthday just a couple of weeks ago and the 2 swaps I have a fridge full of chocolates (my 2 favourite brands) to see me through Xmas and new year!!!
Next came a trimmed tea towel, a set of Xmas tea towel and a mitten and potholder and then a lovely Xmas banner. All will be put to use over the next week!!

My favourite present out of them all is this beautiful table centre - that is going on my coffee table next to my recliner, than my little Xmas tree will be going on top!! I just love this!!
Now, isn't this a great idea for swappers!! Nanette marked on the March picture where she lives!! That little 'x' on the white dot marks the spot!!
Nanette has spent the last few weeks laid up with a banged up knee (she just had to have a dispute with a puppy over floor space!!!lol) She wasn't able to use her sewing machine for a while there either - she is on the mend now though as she was out walking the 'puppy' this morning!!
A big thank you NANETTE for this fabulous bundle of Secrets from Santa!!
AND a BIG THANK YOU to CHERYLL for all of her work co ordinating this swap and all of the others she has done this year - a truly wonderful Swap Mumma!!! Click on the link to see the secret Santa Swap blog with the list of participants - you can check out all of the lovely Xmas goodness that has been travelling around the world!!
I am off to get lunch ready - we are heading towards the early 40's today (oh how I hate the heat) so there might be some hand stitching done today whilst sitting under the air con!!



  1. wow what gorgeous gifts and so much fun yours is the 1st one i have seen,enjoy my friend.xx

  2. I'm so pleased you like all your gifts Kerrie. I heard a whisper that those chocs will be consumed with a glass of wine! Thanks to you too for your beautiful gifts. Stay cool.

  3. Those are lovely gifts. Pretty stitching and what a cheerful tea towel, sweet. xx debbie

  4. Love the table centre will look fabulous wherever you put it.

  5. Lovely gifts I like the runner too

  6. Beautiful gifts, that table topper is special.

  7. LoVe all those gifts.. just wonderful! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this swap. Merry Christmas Kerrie and to your family as well! :)

  8. gorgeous gifts.......that table topper super gorgeous.....I just turned green! :)

  9. You have been given some wonderful gifts Kerrie. Merry Christmas!
    Jille x

  10. Some lovely gifts there and I don't blame
    you for getting an early start before the heat
    sets in!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. I love all those items that Nanette gave you. I actually saw the table centre when the outer ring was being embroidered, when Nanette visited me when I was in Brunswick Heads a few months back. I loved it then but now that the middle part is added, it's absolutely gorgeous!


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