Monday, 23 December 2013

A Bit More This & That This Week

Three days of mid 40's this week - today low 20's and rain - I think my Scottish heritage is really starting to come through.... how I love this cool damp weather and how I detest the hot, sweaty, frying, roasting, steaming never ending hot weather! Or it is just that I am starting to feel the 50+ a few years I have been on this earth!!
So this past week I have been in a 'mood' - no idea what sort of mood but a mood never the less!!!!
must have something to do with the end of a horrible year, or the moon or something!!
This week I have been doing lots of this & that!!! Not much of anything in particular - almost anything that kept me out of the sun!!
All finished - so much nicer!!
carpets being cleaned - probably first time in the 30 years they have been down - at least that is what the water indicated!!
 Bacon, no Crackle, no Diva, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is Scarlett!! Where did you get that name from - I like Gone With The Wins - so says my son's partner. Interesting to see how they try to keep this 'orphan' outside when she is 200kg!!!! (because pets DO NOT go to the freezer here!)

 more planting.....
and more planting - all done this morning with the wet cool change!

After 7 years it has finally gone - not because I have been wanting it to go for all of those 7 years.... but because youngest son is living in the old house and the tree had lost half it's branches in the wind and was in the way of his proposed fence!!!!!

 And another one gone - this is a Privet which does wonder for my hay fever and sinus .... NOT!! Once again said son has decided it has to go because it is a nuisance on the corner of the house (as I have been saying for 7 years also!!!)
You can see how close it was to the house - will now have to poison the stump - not game to pull it out as the roots go under the house!

and I have been concocting a pattern and instructions for these covers for a children's workshop - yes I know I could have found one on the net but with copyright and all that I decided to do my own. Just some embellishment to do now! I used to make these 28 years ago with fabric, glue, cardboard, the old thick wadding and lace!!! 
and just wandering around the yard.......
pretty in pink!

frangipani ready to flower..

can we beat the birds to them!!

beautiful when just open and also when at their end...

self sown pumpkin and corn - not where I would have planted them but who cares..

I am told this is a native hibiscus - bush is covered in blooms - such a tough, hardy plant too...

these never say die.....

don't know how this one has survived - I do not have a good history with crepe myrtles!!

just 1 night to go until Christmas eve - and I am no where near organise - who cares - theres lots of big plastic containers to pack everything in that is cluttering up the house - that will make it look tidier. And tomorrow is grocery and cooking day. So I will be ready for a day of visitors on Christmas day - ready maybe not organised!!


  1. Your pictures are so nice. I love to see how others live. Thanks for sharing. xx debbie

  2. lovely pics Kerrie,merry xmas to you and your family.xx

  3. Love your piccy post .... enjoy your cooler weather.
    Warm Christmas Wishes :)

  4. I hope the cooler weather will continue for you for a couple more days. Lovely pics of your activities - always love to see the progress around your place. Our frangipani flowers are almost finished now - we had a late blooming one that still has some, but the other 2 have definitely finished for this year.

  5. My goodness! You have been so busy, I was exhausted just reading about all that work you've been doing! lol


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