Thursday, 26 December 2013

Final Secret Gift!!

Christmas Day arrived and it was time to open the last of my Secret Santa gifts. This one is from Jan. And how lovely it is!!
Thank you Jan - I am thinking it will go nicely in my dining room.
A sweet end to the wonderful gifts I have been spoilt with by my swap partners!!


  1. Lots of lovely gifts you have received..

  2. lovely Kerrie,what a fun swap this is.xx

  3. So pleased you like it, Kerrie; I love that pattern and have made it several times. I hope it's not quite as wonky as it looks in the pic though!

    1. Lol Jan - no it isn't as wonky as it appears in the photo - it looks that way because it had just been unwrapped!!! A light press and a day hanging up and it will straighten out perfectly!!

    2. What a difference a press makes! I loved making that mini for you, Kerrie, though I've realised I don't know if you have (or even like) chooks!

  4. This is so cute! Haven't the swaps been fun?!


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