Saturday, 14 December 2013

PROGRESS..... sort off

I did a quick walk around this morning with camera in hand. I seem to have spent the last few weeks in a whirlwind and not getting anywhere. But after my walk around this morning I can see some progress on the home front has been made in the few short hours I have actually been at home.
Renovations in the old house have continued at a slow speed. Lots of patching going on, windows coming out, finding the right thickness to close in the gaps means using all sorts of materials....thank goodness for paint.
The grey colour is the the chosen colour for all the walls in the house.

Ceilings are a mess in some rooms (I lived with and tried to keep clean and tidy rooms with holes in the ceiling for 5 years!!). property was rented to various people for a number of years before we purchased it - and no maintenance on the houses for probably 20 years!!) 
Holes fixed, sealer and paint to go on and no one will know there was a hole!! My son and his partner have been doing the hard and high work for me bit by bit! 

The beginning of the fence (6ft high) to separate the farm sheds from the house yards!! Yay!!! I have only waited 8 years for this to happen!
I have started on the transformation of bookshelves for my sewing room. Several different finishes on the bookshelves all to be changed to white!!

Doesn't look terribly good at the moment but this is  a stain blocker, sealer, undercoat in one. I will probably do another coat of this then a gloss paint over the top.
I have had a little 'me' time to do some sewing for myself. I have started on the Rosemary Quinlan embroidery that was one of the projects from the Urban Stitches Tree Change in wagga that I went to. So much satin stitch on this project - I have never been able to do satin stitch nicely or properly so maybe I will be an expert by the time I finish this!! 

And a little bit of time spent on the Melly and Me project from the urban Trees workshop also.
My wonderful friend of 38 years spoilt me with presents for my birthday a week ago. I love this pin cushion!!

And a sweet xmas tree decoration to add to the many she has made for me over the years plus a pair of scissors and scissor keep she found in the kiosk of our local hospital.

And a little bit of socialising - our CWA Xmas Lunch - a relaxed couple of hours with lots of laughs!! Off to Weethalle this evening for my nephews 21st and then I hopefully will have 6 weeks of staying at home (hmmm.... bet that doesn't happen!!lol)
And I always have something flowering in the garden - how good is that!!!


  1. You have a great weekend also. It is lovely to see even slow progress on your old house renovations. Happy birthday for a week ago - hope you had a lovely day.

  2. Belated HaPPy BirthDaY! Great pic's of the old and the new... keep going with the reno's ... the home will be wonderful! :)

  3. That was a nice and cheerful post to read. Happy Birthday too. xx debbie

  4. You have been busy, it looks like your home and bookcase will be lovely when finished. Love your stitchery!

  5. Slow and Steady you wil get there....I've been at it for 35 years...LOL...your stitcing is gorgeous.....and beautiful gifts from your friend...

  6. yes its never a quick job renovating but its coming along fine,love the wall colour Kerrie,we just had our CWA breakup on thursday night and had a lot of fun as well,enjoy your weekend.xx

  7. Happy B'day! Looks like you have a lot of work to do round your place but it will be beautiful in the end. We rent an old place and often paint and seal holes too. Just love the embroidery. Your gifts are so lovely.

  8. It will be well worth it in the end,lovely stitching !

  9. Looking forward to see all the the progress.
    Great start in both projects the horror if satin stitch.
    Hope your weekend was great.


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