Monday, 16 December 2013

More from Jan!!

I have shown you the beautiful tree ornament that Jan made for me in Maree's 6 Items Xmas Swap.
Well, I have opened the next 4 parcels and found......THESE!!!
A sweet Gail Pan pattern - 'Birdsong' Needlecase, cute buttons and lovely FQ; 2 beautiful lavender sachets (already in my dressing table drawers!); a yummy little xmas stocking cookie (still in kit's packet I might add!!) and a beautiful book of quotation called 'Inspiration' plus this....
a sweet little dress bookmark - something I have been going to make for myself for ages and have never got around to doing!!!
Thank you Thank you lovely Jan - love it all so far - and yes I have put the one for under the tree... well under the tree of course!!


  1. Gorgeous gifts, and that little dress bookmark is just so cute.

  2. what lovely gifts Kerrie ,this is such a fun swap.xx

  3. So pleased you like your gifts, Kerrie - and I'm glad that little biscuit survived the journey.


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