Monday, 9 September 2013


I volunteer 2 mornings a week at The Pioneer park here in Griffith. This morning I was greeted by a big bunch of Freesias on the counter when I arrived.
Turns out they are growing wild across the road on one of the walking trails around the hill.
Apparently when people have been too lazy to go to the local landfill with their lawn clippings
they have dumped on our Scenic Hill. Amongst those lawn clippings have been freesia bulbs and flowers. These in turn have multiplied and created a beautiful addition to this particular walking trail.

So having gone for a little walk to check them out, I had to have a little bunch to bring home for myself. So now I my house has the sweet gentle fragrance of Freesias!!!
Such gentle pastel colours to match the fragrance!!


  1. I love love love freesias . I have lots of them but they don't have any scent. You are sew lucky that your ones have that beautiful perfume.....

  2. I used to have some fressia's here but lost them all......this sure would be a lovely walk now..........

  3. Thank you for the lovely photos , The walking path looks beautiful.

  4. Hello Kerrie,

    I have some of the same one's.
    They are such a pretty bulb and last quite a while in a vase, enjoy.

    Happy days.

  5. I love freesias. We always had them pop up in a garden in Sydney when I was a child.


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