Friday, 13 September 2013


Up bright and early this morning. Lachlan and I headed back to Wee Jasper - he has his football grand final tomorrow - they are playing at the Canberra Stadium - that alone was enough to convince him to come home for the weekend!! We took a leisurely trip stopping here and there to take photos - not something I generally do - it did serve the purpose of keeping me awake - I fell asleep on the drive back to Hanwood 2 weeks ago and I was very wary about driving a long distance again.
Wheat paddocks flanked either side of the road - all in dire need of some good rain (which is predicted for this weekend). Some are starting to brown off from the heat we have been having which is not good - if the rains come the crops will fill and finish nicely and give the farmers a good season.

If it wasn't wheat crops it was canola - in varying stages along the way - the further east we travel the later the crops are planted and harvested. Beautiful paddocks of bright, fresh yellow!
The BIG tennis racket & ball at Barellan - in honour of Yvonne Goolagong - this is her hometown.

At Temora a tribute to Paleface Adios - one of Australia's famous pacers.

Hopefully this is large enough to read.
This is Mountain Creek which we cross on the Wee Jasper Rd on the way to my son's home.

I have said every time we have crossed it that I am going to take photos.

Well today I did. It is a refreshing, pretty area around the creek.

A tree again - this one is dead - I don't know how long it has been dead but I do wonder how long it will stay standing - it towers majestically over all the other trees in the garden up here.
It is also a favourite resting perch for the sulphur crested cockatoos!! 

This caught my eye late this afternoon - I have walked passed it numerous times but this is the first time I actually looked at it - the rain tank that once collected the water from the roof of the original old house on the property.
And a couple of teaser photos .....
I have actually managed to spend some time sewing this week.
Secret sewing projects for 2 secret swaps I am taking part in.

So guess what I will be doing up here this weekend.....
Lots of hand sewing, drinking tea/coffee on the veranda (that is if there are no freezing winds) other wise I will be inside next to the fire hand sewing!!


  1. Thank you for taking me with you on your drive through photos...
    Love the lavender in your header too.
    Look forward to seeing your secret sewing revealed at a later date.

  2. What pretty photos, love the creek. How nice to have that near one's home. Can you tell me the name of that simply stunning flower in your header photo. Never seen that. Its amazing!!!!
    blessings, jill

    1. Hi Jill - the flower is one of the newer Lavender varieties - not sure which one though - it is in my daughter in laws garden and of course the tag has gone!!

  3. I love looking along creeks.......canola crops sure are stunning when in full blooom.........

  4. great pics, nothing like a road trip!

  5. Fabulous photos, the little creek is delightful, well worth a photo.


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