Friday, 20 September 2013

A Happy / Sad but Special Day

At 4.30am on September 20th 1992 the baby of my 'Favourite Five' came into this world.
He has been and still is my pride and joy, my best mate, my shadow, and the owner of one sixth of my heart. He has made me smile, laugh, and cry; he has made quite a contribution to the change to my hair colour (and the cost to remedy that!!!lol).
He came into this world a gentle soul, who we know has been here before. He battled his way through school and determinedly gained his Year 12 certificate with a severe learning problem. he is brave enough to go skydiving at 17, something his mother will never do!!
He has a huge heart, a big grin, a temper that is not often seen but when it is we all run for cover!!!
Fiercely independent, but incredibly giving to those he loves.
Happy 21st Birthday to my grown up baby.
May all your dreams come true!!


  1. Congratulations on your 21st have Happy birthday Isaac,

  2. Lovely post, proud Mum. A good looking boy you have there, Happy Birthday. We had some good rain as well, love that wisteria.

  3. Happy 21st Isaac!!!! This kind of
    post warms my heart. They will always
    be our babies!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. Congratulations Isaac on your 21st...Lovely post Kerrie
    Gorgeous Lavender
    Cheers xx

  5. Happy 21st birthday, Isaac. Beautifully written post Kerrie.

  6. happy birthday Isaac,hope you had a wonderful 21st.xx


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