Saturday, 28 September 2013


Just a quick post - this past week has just disappeared due to my mother being quite ill.
We have finally been able to get her into hospital and she is now stabilised and we can breathe a bit easier and relax - big learning curve about speaking up for both our mother and my sisters.
The 21st went off really well - photos not so good - my camera wasn't playing nice and I should have organised the family photos earlier in the night before all the celebrating started!!!lol
Our four sons are all standing: Adam (33) Rheis (28) Isaac (21) and Nathan (31) standing behind myself & Greg (no ages for us tho!!). The next row has the boys partners - Tamara, Sarah, Nikkita and Natasha. Our daughter, Naomi, is kneeling behind the 3 grandchildren that were present - Abbey, Karah & Lachlan. baby Oliver was sound asleep, Ruben was at home with his other grandmother and step siblings - all were fighting off colds and flu.
Lots of good memories from the night - as you get with 5 adult siblings getting together and celebrating, add to the mix Isaac's friends that have been coming and going on and off for a number of years and there were some funny (and dare I say 'drunk) moments.
I will be back tomorrow with updates on the 'normal' mundane day to day happenings!!


  1. A wonderful "family" pic to add to the memory bank! :)

  2. glad your mum is settled and i hope she feels better soon,lovely family photo,have a lovely

  3. great photo....glad you had a good time..hope you mum is better..

  4. So sorry to hear your mother has been unwell, I hope she is improving quickly, Wendy

  5. It's always interesting when you get a gang of youngies having a get together. Sounds like it was a fun night.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Great family photo. Best wishes for your mum hope she feels better soon.

  7. glad the 21st went well............good to get a pic of all your kids...........
    hope your mum is ok and out of hospital soon...........


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