Monday, 2 September 2013


Following on from last Thursday being busy with our new baby, Friday was spent getting ready for a garage sale, Saturday was taken up with the Garage Sale, Sunday I drove to Wee Jasper to pick up my grandson who is staying with us for 2 weeks, and today we drove back home.
The Garage Sale - thank goodness most of it was sold and we didn't have to pack it all up!! 
This was only half of what we had!!
I think this is called a 'Japonica' - these are everywhere in the garden where my son is living near Wee Jasper. They are a stunning plant - but I changed my mind about taking some cuttings to strike when I found the thorns!!
This old Peppercorn Tree (goodness knows how old) has just kept on growing even when the main branch fell over!! These are one of my favourite trees - but they do have a problem with borers of some type - when a branch breaks of it is generally hollow!!
Red Parrots were everywhere. Not the best picture as It was taken with the iphone and I couldn't get any closer!! Loved watching them flit from tree to tree.
And my little offsider, grandson Lachlan jumped out of the car when we arrived home, searched the sheds for an hour to find fuel (I am hoping it was the correct fuel!!! - the lawn mower was actually going so that is a good start!!); and then he spent the next 2 hours mowing.

he knows I am taking a photo so there are no smiles.
Now we are about to have a sausage in bread for dinner and then heading to bed for an early night!!


  1. lovely post ,you have been very busy abd how nice that you have a little helper.xx

  2. What a busy weekend you have had. How nice, a grandson who mows your lawn....two thumbs up on that one.

    I realize in time you may have to get rid of that Peppercorn tree, but that is the biggest one I have ever moms does not even come close. I think it looks rather interesting the way it is.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    blessings, jill

  3. You are have a busy time, lots of lovely garden shots and your little helper is a cutie!

  4. Great that you managed to sell most of the items at your garage sale.Lovely photos and post thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like you had some great stuff in the garage sale....looks like we all need an offsider like you have...LOL...

  6. Your little darling looks a very useful chap to have around.
    My family live too far away
    That tree looks eeeenormouse


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