Monday, 16 September 2013


FINALLY!!!!! It has rained! And lovely widespread soaking in rain!!

And see the rain across the front paddock - it drizzled all day - about 80pts (20mm) of beautiful rain!!
I took this when there was a lull in the rain - didn't want to get my camera soaked!! The wheat farmers are very happy - their crops will finish well now!
I am happy - my garden got a good soaking of natural rain water full of all those beautiful life giving natural elements!!

And while I was away over the weekend - the Wisteria really burst into bloom.
beautiful long, graceful flowers - a sign that the back veranda will have lots of green leaf shade this summer!! Purple and green - 2 of my favourite colours!!

Lachlan's footy team won their grand final on Saturday so our trip back to Wee Jasper was well worth it (although the cold did bring on a relapse of croup). When he got back home we decided we would go for a drive up to the township of Wee Jasper. this is the bridge we had to cross to get to the 'township' (half a dozen houses and of course a 'pub'). lucky I didn't get to fully see the underneath of that bridge before I crossed 9too busy watching the narrow road) - I may very well have stayed on this side if I had!!
We drove up, up and up; then down, and down through the cut ins (hairpin bends, narrow road and sheer drops to the side of the road) and came across this amazing plateaux - crisp, green, fabulous land forms and scenery!!

mountain rivers and creeks always have fresh, crisp water don't they!!

Friendly Faces Helping Hands - this is my newest favourite foundation - pop over and read Kelly's story and what she has done since to help country families of patients in large city hospitals. From my own experience it is daunting and stressful to find your way, cope financially and emotionally. Kelly's foundation eases the way for the family members!!
Please pop over and share the website with anyone who is facing this type of thing at any time.


  1. Wow !!! Absolutely LOVE your photos. The lavender and then the wisteria. The rain is so welcome isnt it. We didnt get much through the day but tonight we have. Lovely to have it widespread too. Well done to Lachlans team on their win, and that is an awesome drive you went on.

  2. glad you got some rain............only 15mls here..........stunning wisteria but we don't agree with each other and wisteria gives me terrible hayfever......


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