Thursday, 8 August 2013


Busy packing my bag tonight - I am off on a girls weekend at 9am tomorrow morning!!!
Packing is taking some time..... it will be cold but how cold is the question.
Canberra is supposed to have -3 tomorrow morning so I am guessing it is
going to be a rather cold weekend - showers are also predicted - lucky we are going
to be inside looking and buying or in the car!!
Tomorrow we will be stopping in at Murrumburah and checking out
Which Craft  and the Patchwork shop. And also any Op Shops we spy
along the way!! Tomorrow night we are staying in Canberra.

Saturday we are off to see the Turner exhibition, any craft shops we can find,
Federation Square (handy that the coffee shop and patchwork shop are side by side!!)
Sunday will see us heading to the Craft & Quilt Fair. I have my workshop list
organised, note book and pen in my bag, tickets in my bag, and comfy shoes all packed!
late Sunday afternoon we are going to Wagga, staying overnight, some more
shopping, then on to Narrandera (a craft/coffee shop we have been told about)
and then home!!!
Is anyone else going to the Turner exhibition or the Craft & Quilt fair??


  1. Look forward to seeing what you got up to when you return. Sounds like a fantastic weekend ahead :o)

  2. Sounds like loads of fun! Hope you have a great time.

  3. Enjoy your trip Kerrie and have lots of fun !!!!!

  4. Enjoy. I am heading to the craft fair on Saturday.

  5. Have fun, hope you can fit everything you buy in the car lol.


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