Wednesday, 21 August 2013


After my Girls Weekend Away I haven't really done anything but the mundane, everyday things!
I did go across to Weethalle (very small town about 30 mins west of West Wyalong)
for their Annual Show. Greg was judging farm produce, Dairy produce & Garden Produce.
The Champion Exhibit in the Garden produce - both of these heads of broccoli were huge
- as cliché as it sounds they were literally as big as a dinner plate!!

Have yet to work out if the broom was left there accidentally or as an example!!

This was my favourite of the kid's vegetable models!
their creations never cease to amaze me!!
And this is how you sleep when you have had a very busy morning outside chasing your sister, the cats, trying to get the rabbits from their cages, and generally just terrorising everything within site!!
Exhausted is pretty much how I was after my weekend away and I have
only today felt like sitting down and sewing. The results of that I will
write about in my next post!!


  1. sounds like you had a good time,i hope you get to have a good sleep tonight.xx

  2. Glad you had a good time but as always find after a good time comes the extreme need for sleep!

  3. Hope you had a good rest after all that fun!

  4. Such fun! I just adore the picture of the sleepy pup. Our dog does the same cute!


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